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  1. I installed Windows 7 build 7000 here and it's amazing! Extremely stable and nice and quick. I am very impressed. I did notice one snag when copying a folder with 15gb of files. The status never changed from "Time left: Calculating..." and the file copy details never changed.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies! Budget seems to be my middle name lately so what I bought was very limited. If I was smart and had waited for a good amount of money in my aviation/computer account then things would be different! I saw the new motherboard with the 775 celeron so I jumped on it because my old board had socket A technology which is, of course, long gone now. Oh well... live and learn! I do have a spare PC3200 512mb memory stick here doing nothing, so I may pair it up and replace my exisitng PC2700 memory. The graphics card was the best AGP I could find... and it was on sale. I don't plan on going Vista and Flight Sim 9 is the only game I use... while my wife enjoys Zoo Tycoon 2. Thanks for your suggestion on the 820. I think I'd better jump and get one... before they disappear! Regards, Dan
  3. Good morning! My PC project for 2006 was to give the PC a bit of an upgrade. In November I decided to go shopping. Here's my old specs: MSI KM7M-V systemboard AMD 2600+ Socket A processor 250watt psu onboard 64mb video 2x 512mb PC2700 DIMMs So I went bargain hunting... I knew I wanted to get a systemboard with a 775 socket to rejoin the Intel world. Here's what I got: ABit SG-80DC systembard Intel Celeron 351 (3.2ghz) 580watt psu GeForce 6800XT DDR3 256mb (AGP) stayed with the 2x 512mb PC2700 DIMMs I was VERY reluctant to go celeron but at the time that's all I could afford. The graphics, as you can imagine, are WAY better now... but there are some 'stutters' and pauses and all that other stuff that people want to get rid of. I've decided that it's likely the processor. Here's what I can choose from to upgrade my processor in the near future: Pentium D 805, 820, 920 and 930. My question is... if I got the 805 which only has 533mhz FSB as opposed to 800mhz FSB will there be reduced performance? There are quite a few 805s on my local computer store but the 820, 920 and 930 seem to be hard to find. I believe with the increased cache my flightsim 2004 performance will be much better and will show off what the video card is made of. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
  4. Hi all, Thanks for your suggestions/ideas! I'll check out some more stores and do some more research. As for the video card, the specs say it needs a 500w power supply... so that's what I'm looking to buy. Cheers, Dan
  5. Hi all, My wife and I share the PC for Office apps etc... and the only power hungry games on it are Zoo Tycoon 2 (for her) and MS Flight Sim 2004 (for me!) So a month ago I went out and upgraded... Old system: AMD 2600+ XP (Socket A) MSI KM4M-V systemboard Onboard 64mb video card (after GeForce 5500 died) 1gb PC 2700 333 RAM Upgraded system: Intel Celereon 3.2ghz (Socket 775) Abit SG-80DC systemboard GeForce 6800 XT 1gb PC 2700 333 RAM I installed in my old case and fired it up with no problems. Now I've been reading up on this video card and it requires (as stated on the site at least) a 500w power supply, my power supply is on 400w so I'm now planning on getting a new case and power supply. The case is OK but the the front temperature display has been dead for a while and one of the front usb ports is very flakey. I have my eyes set on an Ultra Grid case at my local tigerdirect.ca store. As part of a package promo... they are throwing in a 512mb PC3200 memory stick for $30 to sweeten the deal. I happen to have a spare PC3200 512mb stick collecting dust here. So my question after all my ranting... PC2700 1gig or PC3200 1gig... will there be a difference?? Edit: One last detail... my 400w power supply is VERY noisy so I'm happy to see it go Hence I'm willing to spend for the Ultra Grid case... apparently it's SOLID and the new power supply is quiet!! Cheers, Dan
  6. Hi all, Thank you for all of your ideas! DVD Shrink did a great job of cutting out the scene... now to find a DVD to AVI or WMV tool! Happy Holidays! Cheers, Dan
  7. DigeratiPrime, Thanks for the suggestion... I'll try it out! Regards, Dan
  8. Hello, It could also be under Change or Remove Progams in the Add or Remove Programs screen with Server 2003. I can't remember if 2003 came with 9 or 10 pre-installed. Regards, Dan
  9. Windows XP Pro SP2 at both work (IBM T42) and home (self-built rig)... 1 is enough for me! Although I have been playing with Virtual PC 2004 lately with DOS and soon Windows 3.1 if I can ever find my old diskettes. I've been working on converting some OLD but proven aviation programs. Regards, Dan
  10. I make mistakes daily, but I learn from them... Computer related: Back in the Windows 3.1 days when we used an IBM 8086 at home I wanted to free up some room for some games so I deleted *.* in the C:\Windows\System folder... what are those DLL things and why are they wasting space I thought This was also my Dad's work PC at the time... I was in the dog house for a bit. Aviation related: I was taking my girlfriend up (now my wife!) for a flight and couldn't seem to taxi the plane... it seemed some how stuck on something. I powered the plane off, got out and checked around for debris or anything that was making us 'stick'. It turned out the parking brake was on... oops! The main thing is I still fly and she married me Failing forward... definitely a good thing to do! Regards, Dan
  11. Wife likes WMP 11... enough said Regards, Dan
  12. I've been using Winzip since day 1 but lately WinRAR has grown on me. The fact that WinRAR can work with ISO files is HUGE in my books! Regards, Dan
  13. Hello all, I'm trying to capture a scene from a DVD to use for a presentation for some friends. I have a Powerpoint slide show ready but this clip will be the 'icing on the cake' as it were. I've tried various freeware and shareware/payware tools but I just can't seem to get it to work. I had a few thoughts on how to do this, maybe you guys can offer more suggestions? - Copy the entire DVD to my hard drive and then somehow convert to AVI so I can use Adobe Premiere or another program to capture the clip. - Use a screen recording program to capture the WinDVD/PowerDVD screen to record it (tried this once but just got a black player window in the recording. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Regards, Dan
  14. Hi all, Since my fiancee and I received the DVG1120 gateway for our voice over IP I've had all sorts of problems with the multiplayer feature in flight simulator 2004. However, I now believe that it's my gateway's settings and directplay that are having the issues. I am able to do a test just once successfully... and then never again until I reset the gateway. Here's the error: DirectPlay test results: Failure at step 9 (Creating Session): HRESULT = 0x80158185 (error code) Any one else ever seen this? I have the latest directx (feb 2006 release), and xp pro w/sp2 Cheers, Dan
  15. Sadly I was not able to get the multiplayer working... after I reset the gateway I can get it to work once, but never again until I have to reset the gateway. It baffles me that it would work once and then not again though. Here's the error I get in dxdiag. DirectPlay test results: Failure at step 9 (Creating Session): HRESULT = 0x80158185 (error code) The DVG1120 router is apparently much hated in the industry We got it for our voice over IP phone connection. Any ideas guys? Thanks, Dan

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