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  1. NAV corp issue

    true but if that was the case then the firewall would come up to say that its blocked a program and if i want to unblock it. as well as this - the firewall was on before and it installed fine believe it or not i got infected with the malware again! I had to reformat and re-install everything, again, and this time for some reason the norton corp installed fine! Wierd! And that was WITH the firewall enabled
  2. DNS and internet

    thats great, thanks alot chaps! The internet will be going through the router - that is where the broadband internet is connected to. I will try all this and come back if I have any problems! Many thanks!
  3. imate anyone have one?

    I have an Imate SP5m, as well as 2x C500 (orange UK)
  4. DNS and internet

    I am actually doing a test and prefer not to make the router a DHCP. What do I have to do to do this? Let's forget about the router for now - all computers are connected to it.... 1 box with WS2003EE with DHCP enabled. Issuing IP Addresses fine but now how do I make the clients access the internet through the router OR the DHCP server box? thanks for that buddy! the router's ip address is - so how do i configure this in the DHCP on the WS2003 box as this will be the default gateway? I wish to give it a different scope of IP's - not ending in 1.x but rather 100.x - would this still be ok even configuring the router with that IP ( as the default gateway? I am also not making it into a domain - do i have to?
  5. PXE disk

    thanks for that most of them are on unix stuff :-/ any MSDOS/Windows? ill try the rom-o-matic and see how that goes
  6. permission to delete own files

    the .tmp should be deleted automatically when MS Word closes. It also depends the user account used to access that network drive. Sometimes word uses the system account to create several files which are only deletable by MS Word itself - not the user. try this: create a user account on the network run MS Word create a file and store it on the network drive using this new user account close ms word - there should be no tmp files - or if there are, you should be able to delete them remember to give the user account read/write permissions!
  7. PXE disk

    Hi. My NIC does not support PXE booting - I used the RBFG utility to make a PXE bootable floppy however there are no drivers that the NIC supports on that disk. since it is not possible to include a driver in the RBFG - I was wondering what other ways can I make/create a disk that is PXE bootable for certain NIC's? I want to use ADS for a couple of things, for quick deployment on a test box etc... that is why I am wanting a PXE disk
  8. Windows 2003 on Laptop

    its not really recommended for a laptop - with a celeron it will run a bit slow with that CPU speed Battery will also drain out more often!
  9. DNS and internet

    Hi. I'm just playing around with WS2003EE. I have done this before, and I have done it again - I have set up a DHCP successfully. What I want to do basically is kind of like a router configuration - DHCP gives client IP and allows the clients to access the internet. I have a router, it has DHCP - works fine (almost but thats another issue) and client computers can access the internet. What I wanna do now is to disable DHCP (easily done) on the router, and pretty much make a box into a router where clients get IP from WS2003 DHCP and then I need to be able to configure the box to allow the clients to access the internet via the router. is this possible? I pretty much want it to allow the clients to be able to connect to the internet - DHCP is set up, what's next? Thanks!
  10. Sent to mail recipient not enabled

    you need to have outlook installed from the Office suite
  11. NAV corp issue

    sorry to "bump" the thread up but anyone have any ideas? any small or big suggestions? i am really interested in this problem but it is also frustrating on norton not telling me exactly why it failed this time round.
  12. Centrino vs Pentium M

    sorry your right about the dual core part, havent slept at all last night - still up. However I think it is pretty speedy compared to P4 - not that I have anything against it
  13. WD H.D.D Problem

    im sure this maybe a late entry but for others... in a similar situation do this: if running Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista: boot into recovery console then type: fixmbr and confirm, reboot the system and all should be well. if not, then do fixboot and reboot the system. also make sure you do a surface scan with WD's awesome diagnostic tools
  14. Pentium 5

    I know for a fact, got friends and colleagues who work there plus im an Intel fan, that Intel are creating dual core. its already out. Dual core is really super cool (and of course, we all knew for a long time that Intel whipped crappy amd's a** in terms of speed, security and reliability - sorry, had to add this last sentence in to rub it in even more )
  15. Bad Sectors on HDD

    sometimes its impossible to repair damaged sectors/clusters on a drive - physical problem. chkdsk or scandisk (Depending on the OS you are running) will find these as as said, will mark them bad so no data is written on them. I would highly suggest using the OS software to do this as it is the main thing that controls how data is written to the drive - using any other 3rd party software regardless on its reviews can sometimes really fail in doing what it is designed to do just my 2 cents