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  1. Thanks for the updated list's , much appreciated
  2. Thanks for maintaining the lists - very useful.
  3. unpacking *.dl_ files?

    open a Command prompt and use: "expand -r *.dl_"
  4. When will Kira be born?

    New years day
  5. I personally only put my swap file on a different drive , everything XP is on my C drive. But I use Drive Image once a week , so if things do go pear shaped on me I always have a fairly recent backup to hand - a real lifesaver that one
  6. I've been using an old 4x 730mb CD-RW for my test cd's - until my writer went tits up :/ Thank god for Virtual PC
  7. Spheris , my personal view is that the security hotfixes should take precedence over any functional improvements. My reason being that in the context of a custom XP install, users will be improving the functionality of XP to their own tastes with the various pieces of non-standard software that they choose to install. Whereas the seemingly never ending saga hotfixes and service packs supplied by MS , though not perfect, offers a solution to discovered security problems that is the easiest option for most users. cya.
  8. Cyrez WINNTBBU.DL_ is compressed in the Microsoft CAB format, ready for use by setup. To decompress it , open a Command prompt and use: "expand -r winntbbu.dl_" Or winrar can open these archives as well.
  9. b0r3d , You're welcome - just keep yer hands to yerself As for your problem , did you convert the background to 8 bit ( 256 colours ) before trying to import it ? On another note , if you're going to edit the display text , include a "|" before each word. It stops setup from splitting the words in half when it wraps the text . ie " |MSFN, |is |cool.." BTW , I've just popped the cherry of the new setup screen sticky thread
  10. Heres my latest : Just gotta change the the text to remind me what extras I'm installing Anyone figured out how to change the text / progress bar colours ?
  11. Yep , you can change the text. you need to edit the winntbbu.dll and then compress it : The compressed file is then used during setup. I look forward to seeing some nifty new setup screens sometime soon
  12. msn messenger has no sound!

    You're welcome Annoying , weird , problem that one. Google is a wonderful thing.... cya.
  13. Dunno about changing the text colour , but you can change its size in string table 2 , item 16="9" change the 9 to a smaller number and the text is altered.
  14. msn messenger has no sound!

    I had this problem some time ago - took me ages to sort it out. To see if this is the same problem I had , open regedit and select HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the left pane. In the right pane look at the (Default) key. Is there anything in the value ? it should say : (value not set) If it is blank , then thats the problem. Right click on the (default) key and delete it - windows will automatically re-create the key with the correct value assigned to it. I installed a version of Nero that did this to me once Hope this solves the problem for ya...
  15. I have the same problem , and yes , I have applied the patched uxtheme.dll and it's installed properly as I can select the theme manually once setup is finished. Any ideas ?