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  1. If it can't be done in a simple bit of code, then it's probably not worthwhile. I definitely don't want to see any of these projects bloated with .NET code.
  2. See my original post. I will be adding an example image shortly.
  3. Does anyone know if any of the projects here (including unofficial hotfixes) have incorporated the tooltip fix for the infamous 10+ year-old tooltip bug? Example: (notice how the taskbar partially covers the tooltip) There is a fix called ToolTipFixer that supposedly works on Win9x if you have .NET 2.0 installed, but I would prefer that I didn't need to have .NET for this.
  4. I am looking for a solution to view Apple Quicktime trailers in IE. As far as I know, the last version of Quicktime for Windows 98 is 6.5.2. Unfortunately that version of Quicktime does not work for Apple Quicktime trailers anymore. Perhaps Quicktime 6.5.2 is good enough after all, but there just needs to be a way to get past the version check on the Apple Quicktime trailers pages? Perhaps something like Proxomitron could work for that? I know there is a workaround for Firefox using the MediaPlayerConnectivity addon with VLC as the player, but I have not found a workaround for IE. Firefox has unfortunately grown too sluggish for older PC's, which is my reason for sticking with IE.
  5. I 2nd cluberti's suggestion of an XP SP2 test. Possibly an even more interesting test would be to include WinFLP (Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC's), which is a slimmed-down WinXP SP2 made by Microsoft for older PC's.
  6. You don't seem to be getting many replies, so I will volunteer to be a USP 5.2 tester, if needed. Also you have my vote to keep adminpak as optional.
  7. Daniel-J, you have a few more choices for virtual machine host software on WinXP. I'd recommend moving your Win98 setup over to a virtual machine on WinXP. Maybe someone else can recommend the simplest way to do this (I haven't quite tried it yet as I still have a dedicated Win98 machine). You just never know when you'll find an old application/game/etc that doesn't work well on WinXP. Whatever you decide, good luck!
  8. Many thanks for your work on this! I recently noticed there is a newer MSE 5.6 jscript.dll in KB942840. Could that be added to your MSE 5.6 update?
  9. Well contaced Microsoft for the hotfix KB939273 They send me an email back stating its only for XP media edition, XP Tablet, Server 2003, and Windows 2000 So I sent another email back stating that fine if its not the right one find the right one and send it to me... lol Wont get me anywhere but at least I made them read a 2 page email Getting really tired of the run around from them. We pay for support and its a joke. I get more help from here then I do from them. Which reminds me. I think its time to donate a little to keep this Forum up and running. Thanks guys will post if I find a true answer to this problem. Try here: http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?...odule=downloads Click search, KB939273, and whala!
  10. It's known that the KB927891 update doesn't always work. Microsoft released an even newer msi.dll to fix further SVCHOST problems, see KB939273.
  11. Let's not forget Windows Script 5.7: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  12. The driver inf's for Win2K would probably be the most likely ones to work on Windows 98/ME. The oldest Win2k 915 chipset driver that I see on Intel is version The oldest Win2k 915 integrated graphics.. version 14.4. Maybe start with these on a 915 board, do some mish-mashing of older inf's with newer driver files, and work your way up? Also, I can't remember, is WDM support between Win98SE/WinME essentially the same?
  13. I would concentrate on getting that chkdsk /f to run before doing anything else. Otherwise you may be causing more damage as you copy additional files onto a possibly already corrupted disk. When it gives the error about autochk.exe, it should be located in c:\windows\system32 or the c:\windows\system32\dllcache. I think it prompts you for the location, right? If those locations don't work, you could try copying autochk.exe from another PC to a floppy disk and tell it to look in a:\
  14. I think I had this happen once. Try going to a command prompt, then type: regsvr32 /i shell32.dll Any luck?
  15. Compatibility Patch to fix this problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917425 Probably should be stickied for a while...
  16. Any reason you're not running SBS 2003 SP1? It's been available for at least 6 months now, and would probably be Microsoft's 1st recommendation if you called them.
  17. Probably a stupid question, but does this problem server have SP1 for Windows 2003 installed?
  18. Being primarily a Novell shop of approx 2000 users, I would recommend trying this: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/s...gi?10054281.htm It's not supported, but it works for us. You can still login to Novell -after- the MS login, by calling the Novell login from the MS login script, or a Startup folder shortcut, or manually opening the Novell Login shortcut from the Start Menu.
  19. Does ATI have a committment to future Catalyst releases for Windows 98SE/ME? Or is Catalyst 5.9 the last 98SE/ME release? I can't seem to find a support statement from ATI in regards to this. I know Windows ME is arguably MS's worst 32-bit Windows release, but it was still sold preinstalled on millions of home and small-business PC's for 3 years (up thru q4 2003, a good 2 years after Windows XP Home was released). Either we're missing something (perhaps a beta Nvidia driver floating around out there), or ATI must really be raping Nvidia in the upgraders market.
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