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  1. Hey there, I downloaded Windows 2000 post sp4 update pack from ryanvm site. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5326 At first I tried that pack on Windows 2000 professional sp4 from nLite. Everything's worked fine. But there are some problems with Windows 2000 Server. I tried integrating with both nLite and RVMi. But the same problem. The problem is that its asking for missing files though the files are on the CD. XMLEULA.RT_ 9SERIESD.WM_ The above files are missing. When I clicked OK, again clicked OK. Setup didn't continue. But I have to Browse the file compulsory and after that only its letting me to click OK. Setup went fine after those 2 files prompt. I checked both DOSNET.INF and TXTSETUP.SIF files and I found the entried of above files. By looking at the above files, I guess they are not much important, so If we can just skip them or is there any way so that it won't prompt me ? I need help and I'm doing this thing from past 3 days. Can't solve the problem, tried VMWare, VirtualBox and tried installing from CD on my System. But the same problem. Can you help me please ? Thanks in advance, if you need any of the files, I can provide them.
  2. Search in forum using google to remove limitation of 3 characters.
  3. Now I'm thinking to add more versions of XP as it will be waste of remaining space on DVD. So why not get some more editions of XP ? Optimized files will take care of space. Now I will have 20 Editions of 2000, XP and 2003 combining. What I'm looking forward to get a nice vistaish GUI at the boot screen. With option to choose from some 26 menus (Including boot from Hard Disk and Reboot). I tried Aero Studio, but its way too complicated and don't have any documentation. So I will be using Easy Boot. I already used that once and its kinda kool to have all things done. That's about boot loader. I will have to make separate boot sectors of all OSes because of the folder structure I'm going to make. \XPR3 --> Boot files necessary of that OS with changed SETUPLDR.BIN and TXTSETUP.SIF. These files points to actual setup files. \XPC3 \XPC6 \23WC \23WR \23EC \2KPR \2KSR \SETUP\XPR3 --> Actual Setup files. \SETUP\XPC3 \SETUP\XPC6 \SETUP\23WC \SETUP\23WR \SETUP\23EC \SETUP\2KPR \SETUP\2KSR \BOOT --------> Boot Sectors of All 20 OSes I figured out somehow that I will manage things with this structure. But if you know some way to optimize the structure, you are more than welcome. What I'm looking for a tool that will give me all boot files from my setup. I really don't want to waste my times installing Windows 98 on VMWare, running all those 20 setups, collect the boot files. Help me if anyone knows tool to get boot files from setup. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks mate, actually I tried single Edition of Windows XP but with changed SETUPLDR.BIN hex values. Also collecting boot files for all those OS is simply impossible. I installed windows 98 in VMWARE(lol because I'm running Windows 7) and collected files for XP. Its hard task to collect files of over 20 OSes. If that tool does all those things, all I can say is Genius!!! Thanks a lot for the info. What I'm trying to do giving user menu to install directly from first screen instead of loading bart PE CD or going to third party interface. Also all those OSes can fit in single DVD, actually less than 3.5 GB. Thanks to optimization feature of CDIMAGE.
  5. Thanks mate for the reply. Now I need to know how to make all editions to work from single disk. I got the concept of optimization of CD where one file will be used for all duplications. But now, how I can link to all those OS's from a single boot file ?
  6. Yes, or may be Aero Studio 2008. GUI doesn't matter anyways. We can always create one, but the CD structure. It needs to be a good one. So do you have any solution on that one ?
  7. Hello there, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I've already done multiboot disk using tools like Magic ISO, EasyBoot. I want to create a DVD now with multiple operating systems on it. Let me tell you my scenario. I owns all these disks. All I want is following things on my multiboot DVD. 1. Windows 98 Second Edition 2. Windows 2000 3 in 1 (With Professional, Server and Advanced Server) 3. Windows 2003 10 in 1 (With all Enterprise, Datacenter, Small Business, Standard, Web Editions both Retail and Corporate) 4. Windows XP Professional 32 Bit Service Pack 3 5. Windows XP Professional x64 Service Pack 2 6. Windows Media Center Service Pack 3 7. My personally created recovery tools CD collection 8. My licenced copy of Winternals ERD Commander 2007 I can create a bootable DVD with all these OSes except Windows 2000 3 in 1 and Windows 2003 10 in 1. When I calculate the size of the ISO's of all of the disks, its 3.88 GB, but when I extract them it goes much higher. Basically the problem is with Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 folders. Windows 2000 folder is more than a GB and Windows 2003 folder is more than 5 GB, though the original size of those ISO's is 615 MB and 697 MB respectively. Please someone guide me how should I do the things and what's actually the problem is. Which tools do I need to make those things to be fit in single DVD. I can create boot menu with EasyBoot, can link them to Boot Sectors of each ISO. But don't know other things. I've made the disk with Windows XP and Windows 98. So no idea about the adding Multiple Editions of a single OS to a disk. I have all Separate Disks of 2003 and 2000, but my friend from another town created that disks for me from my installation disks. I don't have any contact with him now and that's why Don't know how to combine all those editions of single OS in a single CD. Please tell me how to combine them. Thanks for reading. Hope I'll get the solutions. And one more thing, this board rocks!!!
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