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  1. Here u go, this is one i got of Ryan VM's Site. it works fine. Download: http://addons.xable.net/WinRARAddon/WinRAR...Repacker_v1.exe Just put this into u'r winrar installation directory, and run it. after that it should give u a cab file to put into an nlite unattended setup. good luck!
  2. [REQUEST] Spy Sweeper 4.5

    Free Download Manager 1.9 http://rapidshare.de/files/11136969/Progra...sFDM19.cab.html Winamp 5.12 http://rapidshare.de/files/11137406/Progra...AMP512.cab.html
  3. [REQUEST] Spy Sweeper 4.5

    do u know how i could make my own then?
  4. [REQUEST] Spy Sweeper 4.5

    does anyone have a pre-made addon for this. otherwise could they tell me how i could make one. anyone?
  5. [REQUEST] Spy Sweeper 4.5

    i found an addon 4 this a little while ago but it's not being uploaded anymore (as far as i know) anyone?
  6. [addon] AVG Free Edition 7.1

    thanks 4 that. with your help, i've now managed to re-build your version to the 371 build. cheers. http://rapidshare.de/files/10880838/Progra...sAVG71.cab.html
  7. Windows Server 2003 FAQ

    for what particular game/program? P.S (IE SUCKS HARD!, Firefox is far better and safer, and heaps more secure)
  8. [Error] FireFox 1.5 keeps crashing

    yeah i would agree with 'N1K', it's probably a profile thing.
  9. Win XP or Server 2003

    If your problem is installing it, then it's just a matter of grabbing the free Application Compatibility Toolkit from Microsoft...then emulate XP and it will install. I'm able 2 get bf1942 installed fine, it's just i can't play the game. all it does is the screen goes black for a second (like it would, starting up any game), and then gets out of itself.
  10. [Question] - why the classic?

    i agree that the classic theme is better. since i found about nlite, i have the themes service disabled by default, so i'm not sure how much of a difference it actually makes. thanks anyway.
  11. [Question] - why the classic?

    i was using the XP Theme 4 a long time. it's true that if u have a 1Ghz+ /256Mb RAM+ then u won't really notice the difference between having the XP Theme or no themes @ all. my cousin convinced my that it was 'heaps' faster not to use themes. now i've just gotten used 2 it, & i don't use any themes @ all. i find things much more simple and less "pretty".
  12. Win XP or Server 2003

    i'm runnin Win2k3 (Standard Edition) on my pc. as far as games go, the only one i can't get running is Battlefield 1942 (Any Suggestions)? bf1942 works fine on xp though...?
  13. [Error] FireFox 1.5 keeps crashing

    R u using any of the RC Versions of Firefox 1.5?
  14. Hi

    Hi Everyone. i've been visiting the MSFN site for a few months now, and have found heaps of handy info. hope to get a bit more stuff now. will try 2 help whenever i can. 'XORG'