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  1. Anybody for WINACE addon ? whats that? I found a link to firefox 1.5 but I had to search a lot of forums to find it also scummvm is a free program that allows you to run old lucas arts games, like day of the tentacle, sam & max, the dig . etc.. in windows without using the dos prompt dosbox is also a emulator for dos stuff , their are a few others like this that I free that would be nice to have on a xp cd or dvd by default the other site on the forums that link to more apps that can be addon to this thing has bad text format with colors that should not be read by human eyes, I don't remember the link its just a bad forum found a link somewhere here to that other forum anyone else have problem using nlite to put apps into it , it seems to lock up on some of the apps when you try to add too many of them at once , a few times I had to cancal addon on stuff , which makes the directory with xp unusedable untill you copy the files back from the cd anyone here ever play normality game its a old dos game , which does not really have support for windows xp, have anyone found a program like scummvm for this game, again its called normality, its 3D and dos based, or it was made for dos, I wish they made more games like this one, it was cool for its time
  2. Ok I would like a link to a cab for firefox 1.5 final , its past beta allready also a lot of links are down which you know is it possible that even thou you posted them on these sites that someone is removing them , seeing that their freeware but maybe this person is thinking their not someone who hosts for the files are not good ones , a few popups for the downloads happens and the popops almost look like porn'o stuff from the file links this may be why some files of yours are getting removed too, like the girls with no cothes on them etc.. ------------- Here my list of freeware stuff I would like to downlod in cab files for nlite ----------- scummvm scummvm with cabs for my games into them smartrip Free Download Manager DVD43 BitComet Gordian Knot XP Codec Pack 1.3.0 K-Lite Codec Pack CDisplay -- for viewing cbr files , freeware program for comics and stuff 3Planesoft -- 3D screensavers they are most shareware ones Shareaza -- fileshareing freeware program BearShare -- its ok but does have spyware build into it limeware -- also ok but its not the best Direct Connect --- only good if you have a lot of files to share on it , required a lot of files to access their files etc.. -- spyware scanners ---- Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal Microsoft AntiSpyware ---- Any other ones good too , but I want too post a few and could be shared or download from the software section for nlite to use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack link for it
  3. It will help you create a Windows XP Multiboot Disk with BTS DriverPack support!!! Linkdead from this thing that linked the BTS DriverPack support!!! to a web site, site not found message also what was the BTS DriverPack anyway?
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