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  1. What I've figured: MRT 5.2 Replaces 5.1 IE8 2846071 replaces prev. cum. updt. 2834886 supposedly replaces 2659262 (although the MS bulletin says it doesn't replace anything and after installing it, WU still wants 2659262) 2845187 (according to explorer, it replaces 969395 which I didn't have) 2850851 replaces 2829361 and then 2834904 wmp11 Sorry, the new layout sucks. I wrote each update in a separate line, but this F#$%@%#^#% bb screwed it up.
  2. For some reason (probably the reg thing), installing 2834886 doesn't seem to make WU happy, it still asks for 2659262 afterwards...
  3. Yes, because you don't have both missing at the same time, because you (probably) have KB2794119 since Jan 2013 in your HF-folder. I believe it's 'cause I only have ONE TZ update and it's always the latest (KB2829069 in this case)
  4. I believe that RDC 7 is not part of an standard XP install.
  5. I know it's a HBR, I had to go through the process. What I'm wondering is why we were so fast to include it, if it's not a HPU. bye!
  6. Thx, mimo. BTW, I have already tested prior to this update and WU DID NOT ask for 2828030, it was 100% happy.
  7. Thx mimo. Strange, I ran across a PC where WU asked for kb2808679 as high pr. weird.
  8. I don't know what your talking about, guys. It is a High priority update, WU asks for it, it's not optional. And, the KB article says it doesn't replace any older update.
  9. Thx, is it safe to use? Oh, and BTW, the XP update list should go sumthin' like this: IE8 2838727 replaces prev. cum. update MRT 5.1 Replaces 4.20 KB2839229 replaces 2813170 KB2808679 (no replacement) bye!
  10. Thx, acheron, where can we dload your fixed ver? (didn't know there was a "k" version, I still have beta J v11)
  11. Yes, it's working, thanks a lot!
  12. Mimo. I still can't dload, same error. Interestingly enough, though, I CAN dload the fc for o2k3 & win2k...
  13. Thx, Mimo. BTW, there's some HUGE problem with your site, I can't download the file and the following error appears instead: (see attached)
  14. @X: If 956744 has not been replaced, then how come MU/WU don't ask for it? On the other hand, they DO ask for the alleged "replacements" bye!
  15. Thx! Although now the fc needs to know about the size if your repacked rootsupd.exe... c ya!
  16. Maybe it's "unknown" because it's not critical or recommended. If MU/WU doesn't ask for an update, we usually ignore it...
  17. Hi! Hey, Mimo, I saw you updated the FC. Sadly, I have several bugs to report: First, FC is asking for 2618451, which is a really old update, already replaced by 2736233, which in turn was replaced by 2820197. Second, the FC doesn't seem to know about the latest root certifcates update (may 2013) and it asks for the previous version. other than that, thx and bye!
  18. Thanks, Mimo & Explorer, that's exactly the list of new and replaced updates.
  19. Hey, Mimo, patch tuedsay+new flash! c ya!
  20. Well, obviously something is getting screwed up in the making of the usb bootable drive. Update the tool you use, try a different one or check your usb drive (it might have a problem)
  21. will you release a fix for the 2797052 issue? thx!
  22. Thx, Mimo. OBS: The checker should NOT ask for 2813347 if RDC7 is not used (just in case) Oh, another thing. The FC is asking for 2797052 (Ie8). this one is NOT NEEDED. it is replaced (along with the previous cum. update) by the latest cum. update. bye!

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