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  1. thx, mimo! You still haven't fixed your site's address...
  2. thx a lot, mimo!!!!! BTW, you should edit the script, it stills names mimo.zxq.net as your site... Oh, and hfslip.tk is working. bye!
  3. And thanks again, mimo! Have nice end of year!
  4. Thx, guys. Now we just wait for mimo to update the FC.
  5. dude, pay more attention, this was already reported by dziubek.
  6. it's 2892734 and it's a by-request HF, IT'S NOT requested by WU/MU.
  7. thc for the info, Explorer. Just a small correction, though. The Ax Killbits patch replaces 2820197, 2618451 is a really old update, despite what the KB article says. Also, keep in mind that 2808679 already replaced 2661254, so 2868626 just needs to be added, no replacement.
  8. Mimo, I still can't download. Server error 500, caused by an invalid .htaccess file. Please fix it. Thx!
  9. Mimo, i'm trying to dload the fc, but I get an error, is this "normal" until you upload the latest version? BTW, it's th same .htaccess error we've seen before.
  10. Thx, maxfutur. Time to get busy with the new updates.
  11. And again, new flash, build 175 it is...
  12. crap! flash p. for ie updated again!!! version 11.8.800.174 edit: oops, I see you already updated. thx!
  13. The latest updt replaces ALL previous ones. That's why there's only ONE update and that's why I said that it only replaces the previuos latest update (which in turn already replaced all previous ones). the replacement of 2817523 is implicit. putting it is redudant. Like i said, it was already replaced by 2817666. c ya!
  14. @Explorer, there's a glitch in your list: kb2825947 replaces 2817666 only. kb2817666 already replaced 2817523. The rest is fine.
  15. Ok, for winXP: IE8 2870699 replaces prev updt. MRT 5.4 replaces v5.3 2876315 repl 2850851 2864063 2876217 repl 2624667 that's what I have so far.
  16. Patch tuesday, new updates, new MRT 5.4 and new flash.
  17. Thx for the reg file, -X-. BTW, where did you post it? can't seem to find it...
  18. yes, but if you slipstream only 2834886, afterwards WU will still ask for 2659262, that's why i think we need a reg file to deal with it...
  19. So I guess then, that we should include both in our HF folder? (or else WU will still ask for 2659262, unless a registry hack is used)

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