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  1. ...

    I changed this to:

    cmd /c "FOR %i IN (C D E F G H I J K L N M O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %i:\AppsRoot.txt SETX AppsRoot %i: -m"

    I took out the \ after the drive letter so that commands look cleaner like



    Well I'm thinking about changing this to make it less confusing. But at least it doesn't realy matter...

    ... I'm using Vista Business from an Upgrade DVD but doing a clean install with it.

    That's good to know. I will start a Business Install than later. But I don't have an upgrade DVD just the full version.



  2. @sp00f:


    Yes... it should work like this. In WPI you would have to use %AppsRoot% variable instead of %CDROM%. If you don't like this, than adapt the following line:

    cmd /c "FOR %i IN (C D E F G H I J K L N M O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %i:\AppsRoot.txt SETX AppsRoot %i:\ -m"

    change it to:

    cmd /c "FOR %i IN (C D E F G H I J K L N M O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %i:\AppsRoot.txt SETX CDROM %i:\ -m"

    Than you would have to call WPI with:


    Hope, you understand what I'm talking about.


    Well a synchronous command call is doing the same like start /wait... or should I better say supposed to do the same. :)

    And it's working on my system like it supposed to be.

    What Vista Version are you using?

    However... thank you very much for the feedback... cause I need to add a note to the guide than. But I still do not understand the whole thing... :unsure:

    I will try to reproduce the problem...



  3. Ok... tested maxX solution with Sereby's Autounattend.xml and it's working good! Just to confirm from this side. :thumbup

    So here is the edited OOBE pass section:

    	<settings pass="oobeSystem">
    <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
    <LocalAccount wcm:action="add">



  4. Well... that is true partly only. The sysprep procedure is - AFAIK for the moment - the only working way to copy over something into Default User profile. So some people may not need this function.

    You can create custom user accounts without sysprep. But I would not use them for software installations by default. Sereby is disabeling UAC, so software installations should work for him in this case.

    For the moment I'm testing maxX solution described above with Sereby's Autounattend.xml...



  5. ...

    You will have to create a empty ''AppsRoot.txt'' file in the DVD root and create a ''install'' folder.

    In the ''install'' folder create a file : ''run.cmd''

    sample of my ''run.cmd'' :

    start /wait %AppsRoot%install\reader8\AcroRead.msi /qb

    start /wait %AppsRoot%install\java6.exe /s /v/qn

    start /wait %AppsRoot%install\winrar.exe /s

    start /wait %AppsRoot%install\msn81\MsnMsgs.msi /quiet /norestart


    Hello stellarzork!

    Good to hear that it's working now. But I don't see the difference between your and my solution. :unsure:

    Same thing should work without using the run.cmd and it should be still full unattended. But than it would be my solution described here again.

    Do I have to explain the whole thing better may be?

    Or is the run.cmd a must for you, to get it work? That would mean different solutions on different systems.

    Do have some others may tried out the application install described in guide?



  6. Shouldn't your install path be this:


    and not this:


    %AppsRoot%install is the right way (without "\"), cause

    cmd /c "FOR %i IN (C D E F G H I J K L N M O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %i:\AppsRoot.txt SETX AppsRoot %i:\ -m"

    will set the "\" already. So %AppsRoot%\install will be interpreted for example as D:\\install. And this would fail!

    If not, then your regedit line is wrong.

    MarcJ you're right. The line was wrong, unfortunatly. :( Have corrected it already. :thumbup

    But this does not explain, why stellarzork has no AppsRoot variable in the final Vista installation.



  7. Hello Sereby!

    I've had this problem several times before, too. For the moment I do not have it. I haven't figured out exactly where the problem is coming from.

    I think I had it when using skipmachineoobe on true and creating user in oobe pass. I will try to reproduce the error again.

    Could you please describe a little bit more detailed, when you're creating the users (which pass) and all the settings you use in your Autounattend.xml.



  8. Ok... that does mean AppsRoot variable isn't set properly. And if it's not set properly setup will not find the pathes to install directories. Do you install on VM or real PC. Did you ckecked the log files - setuperr.log and setupact.log - located in %Windir%\Panther\Unattend GC.

    Please post them here and your full Autounattend.xml (without Product Key), too.

    Do you have the AppsRoot.txt on your DVD\Stick? Do you may have labeld it AppsRoot.txt.txt? Enable file extension view to find out in Explorer.



  9. Hi,

    i followed your guidelines and started the install. It still asks for the Serial number as if it couldnt find the Unattended.xml file.

    I tried it on cd and on usb stick. I checked the tutorial and my dvd twice and it seems allright

    any ideas why ?

    If you would have followed the guide the name of your answer file should be Autounattend.xml. No other name will work automatically.

    If you should have named it Autounattend.xml already, have you tried to put it in sources folder, too?

    How is your target system is looking like? VM? Real computer?



  10. A extra letter can always happen like you said on your website aswell.

    You're right unfortunatly. But these are the kind of errors, which can drive you nuts.

    I give my best to avoid. But if you read over your "own stuff", you're not able to detect some errors sometimes. :(

    It would be handy if you put it as a extra note on the website just in case someone is getting the same error.

    I will do so later!


  11. Hello Yagermeister,

    You're right, the "\" at the end was one to many, sorry for that. But that's explained right inside guide.

    However the problem is very strange. Sure it makes sense to have the key setting in front of the value. But I had unattended files where such a thing hapened, too, but setup was just running fine. But at least I wonder about nothing dealing with computers and software. :D

    However it's strange!

    Thanks for your feedback!


  12. When i replaced it with the following it did work but i got a question which version Vista i wanted to install:

    <MetaData wcm:action="add">
    <Value>Windows Vista ULTIMATE</Value>

    Do you perhaps have a idea how i can get around the box asking which to install?

    Hello Yagermeister!

    I can explain why you getting this box! This part here is wrong:

    <MetaData wcm:action="add">
    <Value>Windows Vista ULTIMATE</Value>

    This will cause an error and cause you use this setting here:


    The whole User Interface of image selection is shown.

    It has to be like described in guide:

    <MetaData wcm:action="add">
    <Value>Windows Vista ULTIMATE</Value>

    Than you will not be asked, which Version you like to install!

    I get the error while being at the disk configuration btw.

    So what are you doing during disk configuration? Do you create new partitions? Do you format only?



  13. I seem to have a error when i try to install vista on vmware/virtualpc/virtualbox. If i use the clean dvd without the auto file i can configure my hdd just fine, but when i use the auto file (on floppy or dvd) then i get the error that i cant use the hdd. I believe the error code was 80300003. I tried searching for it but cant find anything.

    I also doublechecked the auto file to see if there where some wrong links but everything was just as you displayed on your website. Do you perhaps know how to fix this?

    Hello Yagermeister!

    Well, if you use the basic Autounattend.xml you should be asked for the disk configuration. Do you get the disk configuration dialog before getting this error? And how long does it take, till you get the error?



  14. Handy for the Beginners as well for Advanced FireGeier :thumbup

    I only had 1 problem with injecting driver's and that was any place I try to add /l:

    Remove logging and it injects them 123, real nice.

    This is error I get and maybe you can add to that part if you get logging error then remove and check the Windows\Inf instead.

    Hello maxXPsoft!

    Have you tried to do the injection on a XP system or on a Vista system? I haven't had any problems with logging but thanks for the feedback. I will add a note later!



  15. @ toastycheese:

    PDF would be possible generaly but I don't plan to do it before everything is finished and I've got confirmations, that it's working well. It's a freetime project, so at least everything costs time.

    Timetable for the moment:

    1. Translating the rest of docs I've finished in German allready ---> next tow weeks

    2. Adding further stuff, if highly requested ---> depends on you, later on me! :sneaky:

    3. Let it run for a test while.

    Beside I've to work to feed myself and doing most of supporting part in German Vista forum part! :hello::thumbup

    But don't missunderstand, suggestions of improvement are welcome!


    I've had the idea to let this guide run a while for testing on my subdomain on windows-unattend.de. If everything seems to be fine and finished, it could be copied over to MSFN server, if requested... or use the guide or parts of it as draft... or whatever...

    Thanks & regards,


  16. Hello @ all!

    Following the idea of sharing, here is my unattended Vista Guide. It's a mixture between docs of WAIK and own experiences praticing with Vista unattended setups.

    I've started writing German Vista guidlines a while ago and got a lot request meanwhile to translate parts of it to English. The guide is still under progress but a lot of stuff is available now:


    [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/sitemap.html"][b]NEW: Sitemap / TOC[/b][/url]
    1. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/introduction.html"]Introduction[/url]
    2. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/install_tools.html"]Installing Tools[/url]
    3. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/folder_structur.html"]Prepare Lab System[/url]
    4. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/vu_batch_modules.html"]VU Batch Modules[/url]

    5. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/answer_file_1.html"]Building a Basic Answer File using WSIM[/url]
    6. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/partitioning.html"]Partitioning[/url] and [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/part_snipps.html"]Partitioning XML snippets[/url]
    7. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/create_iso.html"]Creating Vista ISO[/url]
    8. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/inject_drivers_into_image.html"]Injecting drivers into install.wim[/url]
    9. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/drivers_from_stick_or_dvd.html"]Installing drivers directly from media[/url]
    10. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/updates.html"]Integrating Updates into install.wim[/url]
    11. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/applications.html"]Installing Applications from media[/url]
    12. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/regtweaks.html"]Importing Regtweaks[/url]
    13. [url="http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/copy_profile_to_default_user.html"]Copying over user profile to Default User [/url](makes sense for User Regtweaks)

    I'm not a to well html programer, so I know that there are still some issues with layout on different browsers, but it's working mainly.

    If you've any problems with the guide please post in this thread!

    Please DO NOT ask for settings, which are not described in the guide in this thread.

    This thread supposed to be for error reporting and feedback only!


    1. I've tested the guide on 32 bit OS only, updates for 64 bit will come any time later.

    2. I've tested all the described procedures carefully. However it could happen, that something will not run on your system like described.

    3. This is NOT a one click and go guide! It's for people how like to know, how to setup without any third party tools.

    4. Parts of the guides, which are not available in English yet are not necessary to follow the rest of the instructions!

    Everything is translated now!



  17. @ FireGeier

    Maybe I should have said " example" instead. :blushing:

    Hello MC!

    I think I will condone you this time! ;)

    FireGeier has a big heart for the guys from Down Under, having you in best remind from big party during soccer World Cup 2006 at Kaiserslautern, Germany! :hello:

    Let's go Aussies... let's go! :thumbup



  18. ...

    Martins method above does in fact work & will produce the log file to prove it...

    Vista pnp drivers however are another story, manufacturers ware will tell you they work fine with Vista etc. However I know better than to believe them. Not all of them mind you.


    Hello MC! :hello:

    Thanks for the honour! But the driver injection method is not my method! :no: It's described in WAIK help. The only thing I did is, that I've made these instructions more detailed and with some pictures. That's enough work... but it's not my method.

    My method is described in thread here. :yes:


    Thanks & regards,


  19. Inject drivers into install.wim

    I had already done that about a month ago and forget what I didn't like about it. I'll have to look again

    maxXP the injetion method has some disadvantages:

    First of all if you have a lot of drivers all drivers will be injected into the "final" Installation. So it's wasting space. But all driver methods injecting all drivers fromt the drivers folder.

    It can cause problems if you inject drivers into an image where you were injeceting drivers before.

    May be there are some more problems.

    I've written that HowTo (German version) month ago, cause this was the first method I got working. It's not the best, but it's an alternate method and you can come around driver signing prompts.

    For the moment I'm working on a method, where I use my %DriversRoot% method but which figures out the drivers GUID before installing the drivers. So not all drivers from drivers folder on removable media will be installed.

    BTW, it realy sucks, that MS gives you different methods to inject drivers and at least all methods will copy all drivers from your drivers location to the Vista driver store. It seems not to do that, if you use BDD and a database of systems, but that's not what we need for privat use, where we may want to let run our unattend on every system.



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