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  1. <ImageInstall>











    I don't know what your DVD is looking like, but on my english and german DVD the folder is called "sources". AFAIK it's not necessary to set the "InstallForm" tag cause Windows PE ramdrive is running form X:\ by default.


  2. ...

    Also, what's the best way to get the install to copy files where they need to be? Does the OEM directory work exactly like the Windoes XP one?

    Open the WSIM and click on HELP. Go to "Deployment Tools Technical Reference"/"Windows System Image Manager Technical Reference" and read the "Understanding Distribution Shares and Configuration Sets" section.

    There you will find how $OEM$-Folder works in Vista Setup.


  3. @ Lemon Lime:

    You are creating two primary partitions. Primary partitions are used for OS only usaly. Your data partition should be an extended one.

    And you're setting both partitions to active. But you can just have one active partition on one drive at the same time. I guess that the partition ids are switched as soon as your My All Data partition is set to active. As result the Vista will installed on My All Data partition.


  4. ...I remember reading somewhere in the WAIK that $OEM$ was still valid but not desired for Vista.

    Well, we just followed the walkthrough "Build a Configuration Set" from the WAIK-User Guide (Custumization Walkthroughs). And if you do that, you will have a Distibution Share including an $OEM$ Folder. So it should work. And my distribution share is not containing any folders which would not be supported by Vista. I've checked that User Guide.

    A Configuration Set is at least an answering file plus a Distribution Share. And part of the Distribution Share is an $OEM$-Folder. The benefit of a Configuration Set is that it is smaller than a usual Distribution Share. So it supposed to be compressed anyway. :unsure:

    All these informations are from the WAIK-User Guide. I know that everything is still BETA. So it will may not work yet. :unsure:




    Could not get the Configuration Set unattended Installation to work so far...

  5. Hello Stephane,

    I've got nearly the same result. This is my Target Folder created by Create Configuration Set:




    BUT I've noticed that the AutoUnattended.xml in the target Folder has one more tag than the "original" one:


    It seems to me that all the Create-Configuration-Set-Comand is doing is moving all the Distribution Folders and the AutoUnattended.xml to one Folder and adding the tag to the AutoUnattended.xml.

    I will run a Setup with this Configuration Set the next few days.


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