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  1. I uninstalled the vaio and windows sidebar, then reinstalled it using the instruction from wincert.com. It works now. But cant seem to install other gadgets.
  2. Only the calender, livesearch work on 2k3. I have patched wlsrvc.dll, reinstalled vaio2003 and still the same thing. How can i get the other gadgets to work?
  3. Apparently you can mod your heatsink/fan and mobo, so you can screw down your heatsink.
  4. I do the exact same thing when applying thermal paste. But i dont feel like messin with the Mobo, in order to get a screwdown heatsink/fan to fit. A professional computer builder friend of mine said that it doesnt make a difference whether you use a clamp on heatsink or screw-on heatsink.
  5. I ordered Kingwin heatsink/fan and AS5 from Newegg.com today. I am thinking that should help keep my CPU cooler with vista.
  6. You shouldnt pirate any software. I raises the cost to everyone else
  7. I never overclock my CPU. Overclocking puts more stress, and heat on the CPU. Isnt overclocking the CPU bad?
  8. I am thinking of buying Kingwin Heatsink/fan
  9. I have an AMD Athlon XP 64 3400+ Clawhammer (socket 754) with a Masscool Heatsink and fan.
  10. Does Newegg carry the scythe Ninja, if so I will oder one.
  11. Well i have a KV8-MAX3 , i dont think i can use a fan that big, the biggest fan i can use is a 92mm fan and heatsink.
  12. I am currently using thermo grease from Fanner on my cpu. Running XP my cpu idle temp was about 36 celcius. Running Vista my cpu idle temp is about 48 celcius. Would changing the thermo grease from the Fanner brand to a better brand lower my cpu idle temp?
  13. What would I use to clean off the dust that is caked on the the fans? I cleaned all the dust outta the fan intakes and CPU heatsink.
  14. Got MBM to work. Under Windows XP my cpu ran at a temp of 36 celcius, and under Vista it running at a temp of 48-49 celcius. Anyway i can make it run cooler?
  15. Was wondering of Motherboard Monitor is able to run under vista?
  16. Well, the company i work for uses Xp Pro at there work stations. Everyday, we have a different workstation that crashes. Whether it is because of the user, or XP Pro itself, I personally think XP stinks as an OS. So when the company gave me a copy of Server 2003. I couldnt pass it up. It ran for 2 years straight before R2 came out. They also gave me a copy of the full Server 2003 R2. I have had R2 running since the company gave it to me. it has as of yet to cause me any grief. I think Server 2003 and R2 are the most stable OSes out there. I can run alot of the same stuff as XP with out a problem.
  17. I guess they wont release WMP 11 for Windows Server 2003.
  18. I guess there wont be version 11 for Windows Server 2003
  19. Is there anyway to set Hardware acceleration to full on the Windows Server 2003 CD?
  20. I opened the file with WinRar. Edited the config file and repacked the file with the editted config file.
  21. Desktop Sidebar v1.05 Build 116 http://www.desktopsidebar.com/files/sidebarb116.exe
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