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  1. I use Realtek AC'97 drivers which i got from MS Update Catalog and i dont have comfirm anything while installing Vista
  2. I went with Vista 32 bit, as i couldnt find a 64 bit driver for my 3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940).
  3. I am planning on going to Vista Ultimate. I have been looking at either the 32 bit version and the 64 bit version. Which version is better, and which version should I go with?
  4. I got a new harddrive for my wife's puter. Before i install it, was wondering if I could install it as a slave. Then copy windows files to the new harddrive, then switch the harddrive to the master. Will that work? Or do i have to reinstall windows on the new harddrive?
  5. I am getting the same thing now. I reinstalled Vista, went to Win Updates and it freezes. My mobo uses VIA Sata Drivers.
  6. Now i reinstalled Windows OS. Everything seems to work perfect. then 15 mins after loading the desktop, the OS freezes. Any ideas???
  7. I put the old memory back and it still crashes. I am gonna try to reinstall Vista
  8. I tested the memory with Memtest86+, and everything seems fine. I even set the CAS to 2.5 in the bios and its still crashing. Should i try to reinstall vista and see if that fixes the problem, or should I take the Memory out and return it to Newegg
  9. Hello, I upgraded from DDR 2100 to DDR 3200 today. Now Windows Vista Crashes every time. Could it possibly be that vista didnt like the upgrade?
  10. I actually never have a problem with Vista Win Updates. Do you know which update is crippling your OS?
  11. I ran an Nlited Win Server 2k3 as a desktop for 2 years, without a hitch.
  12. I solved the problem myself. Went and bought a new Socket A motherboard and everything installed smoothly
  13. i am trying to reinstall XP Pro on an old Socket A mobo. During the installation for some reason it produces the blue screen at or around t-35. Or the setup freezes at different times. I tried everything i could think of. Getting a new harddrive, changing CD Rom several times. Any ideas???
  14. I either use Newegg.com or Tigerdirect.com
  15. alucke


    Is this an error with nlite or an error after integrating SP2?
  16. alucke


    I nlited Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2. after integrating software. I found this error. Here is svcpack.inf after nliting. If you check out [setupHotfixesToRun] section all the software is inserted there double. Anyway to fix that? SVCPACK.INF
  17. The <sp2name>.exe /integrate:<path to CD2> worked for me as well.
  18. I found a deployment guide for WinServer2003SP2 from microsoft: MS Win Server 2003 SP2 Deployment guide
  19. how do I go about integrating Sp2 into Server 2003 R2? I have tried kb###### /integrate:path Then cd 2 is not compatible with SP2
  20. I fixed the problem with MBM5370 and the incorrect temp readings. When i set MBM 5370 to run under WinXPsp2 and admin, the temps would be outta wack. So i changed it from the setup you mentioned to just running as admin. The temps went back down to 39-42C at idling and 48 under a full load.
  21. alucke


    Is it ok to turn off UAC in vista.
  22. I downloaded the trial version to test it. And so far, i think its better. I think I will buy it.
  23. I currently use MBM5370 with vista. A friend of mine recommended using Everest Ultimate. Just wondering if it would wise to change from MBM5370 to Everest Ultimate?
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