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  1. Windows 7

    Just to correct people who complain about companies not writing x64 drivers. Today, to get a driver WHQL signed by Microsoft, you have to submit both a x86 and x64 version of it. So they are forcing hardware vendors that wants their drivers signed to develop both versions
  2. slipstream Office 2003 SP1 & rebuild CD

    I tried this with the danish version of office 2003 with SP2. It works well, until I have to run the sort2cabs.js file, and it tells me to update the MSI files with the new tables. The problem is, that there is no new files to import, the sort directory contains no subfolders. Any ideas? btw. looking forward to an updated guide that doesn't require ORCA.
  3. Integrate MSP into MSI

    The problem with that is, that it creates alot of files, and folders. I want ONLY the MSI file patched, and not an administrative intall. Is that possible?
  4. Integrate MSP into MSI

    Is there some way to integrate a msp patch into a msi package? I think I have done it before, but cannot remember how to do it, other then that I used msiexec to do it. (I want to integrate patch 11 for Mcafee Virusscan 8.0i into the installer)
  5. I know I but it in the unattended windows forum, but I don't want the installer to be unattended. There just wasn't a forum that fitted better
  6. Hey. Is it possible to slipstream SP1 for Office 2003 without doing an Administrative install first. I want this since I don't want to define any variables (like the cd-key) on the cd, so it behaves completly like the original cd would have done?
  7. Combine Office 2003 CDs

    not exactly. I have them all combined in 1 folder. The problem is that when having done an administrative installation (needed to slipstream SP1), all the files have been extracted, and there are many duplicated files on each cd, by copying them into a single folder and overwriting all files, I have not duplicates, and saves diskspace
  8. Combine Office 2003 CDs

    Thats not what I am talking about, but I figured it out myself. I did an administrative install to my harddrive of all 5 cds, then I applied service pack 1 for all the cds. Then I moved it all together in another folder, and said yes to overwrite files. Then, instead of using setup.exe to install, I use the msi files instead. The result: Installs for Office, Onenote, Frontpage, Visio and Project, all with SP1 applied ..... 783MB
  9. Combine Office 2003 CDs

    Hey. Is it possible to combine the 5 Office 2003 Professional cds into a single directory, so some of the dublicate files is there only once? I remember having seen a guide to this somewhere, but cannot find it.
  10. XPlode 1.0.5

    I don't know if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find it Is it possible to make it install the programs and patches directly from cd/dvd, so it doesn't have to get copied to harddrive first?
  11. I'm making a DVD with WinXP/OfficeXP and some other stuff on. I want it to install the programs from the CD/DVD instead of copying the files to the harddrive, and then launch the installers there. How can I do that?