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  1. Right click on the link and "save link as" Pre-Screen
  2. There is no october desktop thread and its the third day of october already, can i make the thread?
  3. haha, those are my screenshots. pm me next time glad to help. first one is "Fantastic" second one is "Samui 2.0" for windows.
  4. Go to the wallpaper section in Deviantart.com thats where i get all my wallpapers and other themes.
  5. I dont like to use many apps to customize me computer, just avedesk and cd art display. But thanks for the comment anyways. haha, you would be kinda hot but you would look great though.
  6. @mr.brownstone Thanks, i'll try using styler again. @coyotewrw Thanks @N1K Ask Archangel, i dont think he posts here but i seen him around at neowin.
  7. Thanks, i didnt know this was a standalone app. Im gonna use it now.
  8. Thanks for the comment, but i dont like to mess around with my reg, last time i did that i had to restore, i like ot use only avedesk for desktop customization
  9. ^ what time config is that? (top right)
  10. Daaaaamn, that's a funky-a** theme! Not my choice of color, but very cool nonetheless. BTW, what font is that you're using for CD Art Display? May I have a link? I especially like how the text overlaps. Well done! Font is called Base02 Base_02.ttf
  11. Just got my copy of CWOrange, and IMO its a great theme. info at DA
  12. @coyotewrw Is called CD Art Display by Carlos @Echolomax
  13. Thanks for the people who voted for me. @piXelatedEmpire Its called Blu by Kol http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24761188/
  14. Laptop: Desktop: Just thought you should know
  15. Sure, what would you like to know? lol great band, "Mercy Me" FTW
  16. ^ http://sysstats.jools.net/details.php?id=86
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