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  1. Hey, I wanted to test the "Restore" feature of my Bios, which means if anything is wrong it will automatically go back to previous settings. So i changed a few things in the bios and pressed "save and exit" Now windows doesnt boot So i try and go back into the bios to change back the settings, but i can even access the bios anymore. I dont have a floppy drive to create a boot disk. So what do i do?
  2. Just got a new computer and monitor Screenshot
  3. No, you can choose the font you want within avedesk.
  4. Cool, your post helped me a lot. Made me question my product. I have a few questions although: 1) Is this one better than mine, video card wise? (nevermind the intel duo) 2) All these prices are in CDN, but are the prices including taxes?
  5. Im getting a new system instead. This is brand new and includes 3 year warranty parts and labour. Please tell me if this a "worth it" deal.
  6. Price lowered now to $800.00
  7. Looks like there is something wrong with your video accelerator.
  8. No problem Very nice, omg, what modification I have to do to get this theme on my desktop well for starters get this theme and use it with this wallpaper. After that all you need is avedesk.
  9. This is the one by Hombre. and this is the one i used.
  10. I might as well post my Halloween desktop too
  11. My first wallpaper, not a great one but i like it. all comments wanted 1280x1024 Render by render-world.com Download at DA
  12. ^ hehe, i have trouble keeping same desk whole month.
  13. sorry to open such a late thread, but the download link isnt working anymore.
  14. thanks i have some more ideas in my head/
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