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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Four Seasons "Autum" by -kol: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24425611/ The rest of the Four Seasons: http://www.studiotwentyeight.com/index2.htm Update http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/5216/clipboard016kg.jpg
  2. http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/951/clipboard012cx.jpg
  3. http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/2376/cl...ard015js6tm.jpg
  4. ^ Visual Style is Thallos by kol, and wallpaper PM me Update Wallpaper - Retro World -Kol's website VS - area04 http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/5277/clipboard015js.jpg
  5. Thanks SiMoNsAyS and mr.brownstone. This is prob my fave setup i have done.
  6. Clean http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/8779/clipboard016eh.jpg Dirty
  7. It snowed here in Winnipeg heavily last few days, too.
  8. vs: VistaXP - Kol wall: pm me app: y'z dock icons: element suit
  9. its not my drivers becasue if it is then Media Center wouldnt load at all, it wouldnt matter what account i am on. It is only my account where MC doesnt work, all other accounts are good.
  10. Hi, Everytime i want to turn on Media Center and look at My Pictures and My Music, MC crashes right after the program starts. It gives me a window that says " Generating Crash Report. Please wait..." This seems weird because then i logged out of my account and went into my dad's and opend MC there and it worked! I dont know what the problem is with my account BTW this is the screen shot of the problem: http://img27.imageshack.us/my.php?image=me...tercrash6sn.jpg
  11. so how can i change the icons for my music and my pictures? without downloading a program.
  12. thanks Black. doesn anyone know how to change "my music" and "my pictures" icon's?
  13. My desktop for October, my first attempt with cosomizing. Special thanks to Zxian for helping me with the icons. Icons: Element icon suite (deviant art). Modded with AveDesk VS: Lamina Winamp: MonoDark and thats pretty much it
  14. thanks grafx1, it worked, even tho i dont have xp pro, i tried it on my media center pc, and it has the option. THANKS!!
  15. thanks Zxian, i dont feel like downloading a whole program to do one think with it. Is there any other soloution? how did u get the recycling bin of the desktop?
  16. How do you hide the recycling bin!?!?! and not the rest of the folders on the desktop? 1) http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/2641/plaindesktop4xp.jpg 2) http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/6779/startdesktop2gn.jpg
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