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  1. Hmmm back to square one..

    If its really anoying you can add the .lnk path to a cleanup.cmd file to get rid of it like i did.
  2. I own a copy of "Norton System Works" & "Nortons Personal Fire Wall" Searching the forums i have yet to finde a definitive guide or answor if saving the updats and then reinstalling them in an Unnatended setup is possible. I thank you ahead of time for any and all help.
  3. Stand BY is grayed out

    So i wander if its the pack or if its an update in the pack. anyone have similar issues with any of microsofts newer updates.
  4. AEGIS i agree with you 100% i wont even touch Vista until 1 year after the official release to many bugs during that first year of an O.S. release Besides Xp is running smooth even on the newer sytems im building
  5. Can anyone Tell me what this process is?

    If I were to trouble shoot this i would back up my info then disable the service and see what stops working but i do agree it sounds like I.E. spyware
  6. How to integrate files

    You could just build a simple unattended windows disk useing the MSFN guide or building on SimpleJohns idea use a program called AutoIT to help make your scrips
  7. Stand BY is grayed out

    Hi and thnx for the replies The rebooting is not the issue the install does this automatically I think it might be one of the newer updates in the RyanVM pack 1.3.1 I had the 1.2.2 pack and i dont remember having this problem then can anyone verrify this ?
  8. Stand BY is grayed out

    Checking the 2 systems i have bata installed this windows on i notice that power managment is missing a few options in the advanced tab and also missing the hibernate tab Here are my seystem specs Motherboard -------------ASUS p5ad2 Deluxe 1066/800 fsb (1066 enabled) Memory-------------------1024 Corsair 667 mhz HDD----------------------- 2 Western Digital 10k rpm Raptor (Configured in raid 0) Power Suply ------------- 680 watt Thermaltake Video---------------------- Nvidia 7800 gtx (PCIX) Processor----------------- p4 3.6 HT Cooling------------------- ThermalTake Liquid I have noticed that verry few of my posts generate any feed back should i repost somwhere else !!!!
  9. Stand BY is grayed out

    I have slipstreamed RyanVM and Bashrat packs now when i go to Start Turn off computer.... the stand by option is grayed out. I have tried installing a new vidio driver and also holding down the shift key to enable hibernate none of this seems to help and its the only other information i have found in my searches. Thnx for any help
  10. Well it took me alot longer to try the new winnt.sif than i thought. However it did not work. On a single processor type the Gui runs like its suposed to On a Multi processor type "Hyperthread" its messed up and still tries to run all the lines at the same time Any more suggestions would be greatly appretiated
  11. Windows Components

    If you insert your windows cd dont it have the option to add or remoove windows componets ?
  12. Win xp themes

    www.ThemeXP.org is where i get most of my theme stuff. However if you want to run the themes without a 3rd party program like windblinds for example then you will need to download a modified dll. uxtheme.dll to be exact just do a search for the name. After that the theme files go into c:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes just use the oem themes you finde there as an example of how to install your new ones. Have fun with them i did
  13. Identifying SP in Windows build

    Well i have noticed that if you copy all the files to a folder and then run Nlite and select that folder as the source for files to slipstream or modify that it will tell you exactly what sp & build it is hope this helps
  14. Single to Multi Boot Screen

    Ok i finaly figured out the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5.1.2600.2705 was the file version that was being extracted by following the msfn guide instructions BUT 5.1.2600.2180 is the only file version that my hyperthread sytem would boot from. So after many many many hours of downloading boot screens i finally found one which had the ntkrnlmp.exe version i needed I then booted up in safe mode replaced the ntkrnlmp.exe with the new one then installed boot editor and everything as they say is history. Kinda alot of work but my installer now has the option of 10 boot screens which will install and work on either single or dual core systems If anybody else has this problem i will post the file just let me know For now though im getting some much deserved sleep lol..
  15. Single to Multi Boot Screen

    OK I FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY and when boot editor creates the newboot.exe file i get a prompt that it is the wrong version. HOW CAN IT BE THE WRONG VERSION BOOT EDITOR CREATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! version of my boot is 5.1.2600.2705 The version boot editor is making is 5.1.2600.2705 but yet it says its not an supported version and that it cannot finde the correct pollot or the progress bar spacing .................... the neboot file will work on my hyperthread system however the colors and progress bar spacing are off PLESE HELP ME ANYBODY