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  1. I interpreted his question as "I want to reflash my BIOS and get rid of this new UEFI stuff". Toggling between legacy mode kinda does that...I guess? I thought that it was still UEFI but in "legacy mode" when you did that as opposed to actually swapping out for a different BIOS. I'd be interested to know how that works and if it is consistent across vendors.

  2. Nice job citing. But for some reason you (or your citations) are focused solely on which *extreme* condition is "more deadly". I'm talking about daily life in colder versus hotter areas. Assuming your cited articles are correct, the assessments would flatten out quite a bit when taken back from the extremes.

    More deadly diseases like malaria and west nile? Hot areas.

    More infectious diseases in general? Hot areas.

    More animals that want to injure/eat you? Hot areas.

    Generally being sweaty/dirty most of the year? Hot areas.

  3. Since you ask the question, you are likely not an audiophile. An audiophile-type person will likely chime in and tell you how much better an external card would be.

    But the truth is in your ears. Maybe swing by Best Buy or a friend's house and plug your headset into some expensive gear. See if you can tell the difference in both music and gaming or whatever is important to you.

    An area where the expensive stuff stands out is in surround sound processing. If you want any of the Dolby stuff, then you need to pay for it. Dolby does sell Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digitial Live that people enjoy for FPS gaming.

    If your ears cannot tell the difference most of the time then just ignore those people who get overly passionate about their expensive gear and try to talk you into spending more money on things that don't do anything for you.

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