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  1. Yay! it works!! thanks! I didnt notice that you couldnt use a nLite slipstreamed version, i guess that's why it failed. then i popped in my old SP2 and did everything else you suggested, and it works. Thanks!
  2. Does that mean i cant place an already slipstreamed windows xp source into the SOURCE folder?
  3. i've tried using HFSLIP, but it gave me an error message regarding unable to detect system version... i'm pretty sure i follwed the instructions correctly..any ideas why? (i copied the SP3 source into the SOURCE folder and the IE7+WMP11 into the HF folder...did i do it wrong?)
  4. Hey, i'm trying to make myself an unattended windows xp sp3 cd. Right now i have sp3 slipstreamed; i just tested and it works fine. then i tried integrating/slipstreaming WMP11 using the integrator/slipstreamer provided on MSFN, but it always causes a corrupt txtsetup.sif or some sourcediskfiles error (saying that the line sp3.cab is set to 0). i'm using a chinese OS and i think thats probably the cause of the weird things. (i went to check txtsetup.sif after using the slipstreamer and the text is totally messed up due to chinese encoding errors). nLite also messes up the installation when trying to do integrations, so i ended up manually integrating those hotfixes. so just wondering, is there a way to manually integrate/slipstream windows media player 11 into this install? what about IE7?
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