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  1. When I add command below in "RunOnce" in nLite, Office installs ok at the end of Windows installation (when Windows starts first time, bat command is executed and Office installs). But I would like to be able to install it like the other nLite addons, when Windows installation countdown is still active (before installed Windows starts for the first time). Is that possible somehow? start /wait %SOURCE%\Addons\Office2007\setup.exe /adminfile Office2007.MSP
  2. This addon isn`t working for me. Every other addon works but this one isn`t. I see that I`m not alone and I really don`t know why it isn`t working. I even tried putting it to 1st place in all addons but that didn`t change anything. I use Win XP Pro with already integrated SP3. When I extract cab and initiate installation it installs fine. What could be the problem... only thing that is different for my computer from the others is that I install my windows on D partition and I already have another XP Pro installed in C partition.

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