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  1. wow, just tried that, gonna test this install out right now... everything seems perfect :D amazing, truly amazing now lets just see if the actuall install turns out perfect kgo brassboxv7.iso
  2. i didnt even know this version was out rofl
  3. i uploaded the .cabs as i have them can someone please help me make them silent?
  4. idk how to do it any other way? and, i have solved all my problems but one, which is making my nvidia drivers unnatended i'll upload the .cab files as i have them right now, and ill edit my post, just to say all i need is unnatended nvidia drivers
  5. thank you very much, but as i said in the PM, i found an amazing alternative using self extracting archives in winrar
  6. i have 2 nvidia drivers i install, one is for my chipset/networking one is for my video card and, i can extract my chipset/NIC driver, and remove the nvidia firewall folder, and the RAID driver, but i dont know how to re-compress it that way back into a installer, and if i make the .cab addon with nlite addon maker with it extracted, it doesnt have the subdirectories in the svcpack its just not silent is the only problem here are the .cabs http://www.mediafire.com/?ptxewnmum5x (the GeForce Video driver) http://www.mediafire.com/?xiqmxsu9m1d (the Nforce Chipset/NIC driver) its kinda a messy ad
  7. WMP11Slipstreamer v1.2.0.0 Detected source: Windows™ XP Professional SP3 Epsilon.Parsers.IniParser+Exceptions+MalformedLineException: [setupHotfixesToRun] contains a malformed line: (175.16_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe " /s /v""/qb"""). Line number: 17. Identifier: Svcpack.Inf at Epsilon.Parsers.IniParser.ParseIniCore(TextReader textReader, Boolean throwForMalformedLines, String firstSectionName, Boolean allowSections) at Epsilon.Parsers.IniParser.Init(TextReader iniStream, Boolean throwFormatExceptionForMalformedLines) at Epsilon.Parsers.IniParser..ctor(String filePath, Bool
  8. can someone please re-up winarar? the divshare link reached its limit, and i think the media fire one is broken
  9. i didnt see the patches part on tweaks for the uxtheme.dll patch so thats nice im testing my new iso in microsoft virtual PC i hope it works well
  10. thank you very much.. and for the themes, i tell it the themes i want, and which one to use as default, and when i logon its windows classic mode... i tried to replace the UXTHEME.DL_ in the iso with a custom one the 2nd time but the first time i just told it to use my theme, and it doesnt work any ideas?
  11. everything works lovely, except i still have to click next once at the time setup (im sure i just didnt input something in the unattended settings step in nlite) but what i mainly need help with is my nvidia drivers they install, i just have to manually click next and whatnot for them can i get some help on how i can fix that? thanks. edit: oh, and if at all possible, can someone help me with getting themes to work properly with nlite?
  12. [startup] AppName=NVIDIA Display Drivers ProductGUID=EFB7D050-CAD2-11D4-B34D-00105A1C23DD CompanyName=NVIDIA Corporation CompanyURL=http://www.nvidia.com/ ErrorReportURL=http://www.installshield.com/isetup/ProErrorCentral.asp?ErrorCode=%d : 0x%x&ErrorInfo=%s MediaFormat=0 LogMode=8 Skin=setup.skin Resource=_Setup.dll SmallProgress=Y SplashTime=5 CheckMD5=Y CmdLine= ShowPasswordDialog=N EngineVersion= EngineBinding=1 [Languages] Default=0x0009 count=1 key0=0x0009 i see no bootoptions.. can n e one help
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