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  1. 1.88 Just Released. Thanks, been using this 1.87 on different builds for awhile now.
  2. VirusTotal.com (MD5 link, check hash first, more and likely it's already been uploaded) is a great site. I'm using Avira AntiVir free edition. I was using Avast 4.8 Home free edition but gave to many false positives. Before that AVG 7.5 free. Basically people, if VirusTotal shows that Kaspersky and Nod32v2 (new v3, when does v2 support end?) don't show any problems then it is safe. Period: Case Closed. However this may change in 6 months or a year if they start slipping, or if Nod32v3 isn't as good as v2.
  3. Just telling you that v1.02 is out now. So if you have time in the next 1-4 weeks that would be great. Thanks. Just clicked on the link on all your addons and forgot how many you do, so get to it whenever the hell you fell like it --- Edit: On a side note it would be nice if people would state if they got these to work with nLite Addon Maker or something that is simple to use. I think if you and Rado354 started a post (and was stickied) and both made a statement that if someone got a newer version to work with those beginner addon makers to make a post about it. Because there is no way that you guys could keep up with all of the updates for the many addons you have released. I've made a couple work, but wouldn't have a clue how to do it an advanced way that I'm sure you guys employ. Or maybe buy just looking at how the programs were created (if you can even tell that easily) you could just put a little footnote at the end of some of these, assuming you remember that they should work with nLite Addon Maker... Thanks
  4. Thanks for getting this list started. Special thanks to JohnDoe74 and Rado354 for they have helped me a lot, and to others I have used in the past and will use in the future. I have done a couple with that nLite addon maker and they appeared to have worked I think. But if I posted it and there was a problem I wouldn't have a clue how to help someone, or myself
  5. Thanks for doing this one, I was searching numerous boards.
  6. Thanks Johndoe74, I ran across this 1-2 months ago and I really like it. I used it to test Firefox 3 beta 4 to see what extensions were available. You can use as a testing platform for software. Or instead of running a limited user account in WinXP when you go to certain websites that may cause problems for you. Don't need Noscript or Adblock Plus. I look at it as a kind of mini VMware (yes, I've used them) in a way, depending on how you use it of course. Highly recommended program and also since johndoe74 did it.
  7. So let's say I buy a new LCD in 2 years with 1920x1200. If I go into _Display Properties_ then _Appearance_ and change font size to Extra Large Fonts does that in essence decrease the resolution. Or is this the setting that really changes it: Within Display Properties still - Click on _Settings_ then _Advanced_ _General_ Changing DPI setting: from Normal size (96 DPI) to Large (120 DPI) will this then really change it to a 1600x1080 screen? Just wondering because I increase my Font on my 1600x1200 laptop screen, and/or change the DPI to Large 120 DPI. Thanks
  8. Why don't you just change the scrollbar size? Have WinXP and can do it, don't know why couldn't do it with Vista. Go to _Display Properties_ then _Appearance_ click on _Advanced_ then click on _Item_ and scroll down to Scrollbar and resize. By the way using UltraMon 3.0 Beta 2.1 and really like it. If this doesn't switch with an LCD then I'll stick with my 3 Dell 17" flat CRT's thank you. I used to have a Sony 24" wide screen CRT ( wdm* something ) that was great and at the time all LCD's looked like crap and did for years afterwards. Anyone have one of these at work or at home and now use a new LCD at work or home and like the LCD better? Someone offered to buy me a 19" Widescreen LCD last year for birthday but I didn't want it. Do LCD's improve like CPU chips ( Moore's Law )? Actually I forgot I do have an LCD but it's an old Sony 15" one, and I did have it as my 4th monitor but it hurts my eyes too much. Yes, I assume ( I hope ) if you have a 30" LCD with 2 $600 cards in SLI then it will look good, but I don't want SLI even if I could afford it. But have to look into that SLI and dual monitor bug thing and see what's happening with that. Planning on selling 3-5 PC's and getting a Quad Core & ....
  9. I have an IoGear MiniView III USB KVMP _ 4 port with 2 USB front and 2 USB in back for VGA monitors, also DVI-D to VGA adapter works good to. Has hot key switching, Ctrl + Shift + Alt + (1-4 for computer #). Have been using for 3-4+ years, and have a ps2 to usb y splitter. Had an older Lexmark Z33 on it 3 years ago and the other PC's were able to use it once I switched it over without any WinXP folder or printer sharing. I am very pleased with it, more so using the smaller 17" CRT's. I think back then I spent $80, tried others up to $450 but still no better for my Sony 24" CRT I had years ago, spent a lot of money returning things. I now use it for my Dell 17" CRT which go along with 2 others on main pc and sometimes have 4 hooked up to main PC and KVM'd one is slightly different compared to the others (98% of the time I don't notice). I don't know about new LCD's, I think the pictures are crappy (look cooler), but maybe the KVM's have an easier time handling them (no clue though)? If I remember right last time I checked at Micro Center they cost like $150-180 for the same ones, even though I think at that price they should include DVI and sound. But if you can I would get an audio function and buy from a local retailer (do have Micro Center nearby?) if possible, if you do get the audio just in case it's bad or your monitor might not like it. Otherwise saving money on Newegg (read Reviews), which I like but you might have to go through 2 or 3 before you settle on the right one which can be costly with shipping returns. I also have another very similar IoGear USB 4 port a friend gave me and I use it for my extra PC's, or ones I work on from time to time and that also seems good but just started using it.
  10. I've logged onto Toms Hardware CPU charts last couple days and they have the Phenom 9500, 9600 and 9700. I'm sure they've had the Core 2 Quad Q6600 for awhile. Throughout the years (haven't checked in a year) I don't recall any Server chips in the CPU charts. But I'm sure they do have extensive reviews on server chips from time to time. http://www23.tomshardware.com/cpu_2007.html Or check out these: http://www.hardocp.com http://www.anandtech.com/default.aspx In bookmarks but haven't visited in quite awhile (don't even remember some): http://www.hothardware.com/ http://www.hexus.net/index.php http://www.overclockers.com.au/ http://www.xbitlabs.com/ Going to be selling 3-5 desktops and then planning on getting a desktop quad core pc. Probably will go with the Phenom since AMD needs some help. Unless Q6600 is noticeably better for Dragon Naturally Speaking 9. Hope it helps.
  11. Hi johndoe74, I tried what you recommended and neither worked. I also downloaded new hashtab from website and tried it on my main PC that I did a clean install on with nLite 1.3.5 around June or July 2007. Well my main PC could not install HashTab 2.08 either. So it has to be something in nLite I removed. I can't recall running into any other problems except for this. I just installed DigestIT 2004 on my main PC and that went good so don't know what to think, no big deal I'll just use this one instead. My renaming scheme I use -r for date when it was released or last tweaked by addon maker and -d is date when I actually downloaded it. I always use -d for download date on everything I get off the internet. That way when I look at it in Explorer I know when it was released and when I dnld it. Then I can make a decision if I want to go searching to see if there might be any new ones. After doing it this way eventually I can figure out how often addons or regular programs get updated. I also use -u as last updated, -c for created date (like when I run and customize that Sysinternals Addon Builder). I do it for my bookmarks to -a for added date -p for published date on some dnlds or some bookmarks, all depends on what it is. Also use Date Modified in Explorer but when transfer to my backup USB it shows transfer date so I like using my date structure. I didn't know about the possible spacing issue with the cab files. I've been doing it this way for 2.5 years now. Thanks for taking the time to look at this.
  12. Hi Johndoe74, In my last two test PC installations this hasn't worked. Used RyanVM2.2.1Beta2 and then Beta3 with T13 fix. I used nLite 1.4.1 with MrNxDmX IE7 among 20+ other addons. Then WMP11, then DriverPacks.net. Then I used RyanIntegrator 1.5RC1 with RougeSpear's Java604 Beta. I install a fair amount of stuff, but all of the other ones work from you and others. Included my nLite .ini file for you. Could it be because I change Target Path to W_INDWS and or Program Files to Prog_Files ? Have these set on all of my PC's for long time now. ------ [Options] OemBranding ProfilesDir = "%SystemDrive%\Do_cmnts and Setngs" TargetPath = "W_INDWS" temp_dir = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp AdvTweaks ------ Thanks xp_P_n1.4.1.0_Ry2.2.1B3_T22_01_20_08.ini
  13. Boooggy & n7Epsilon, I tested with Ryan2.2.1Beta3 with T13 fix. I fully enabled Comodo Firewall Defense+ again and still not working. Compared error log and it's exactly the same as before. So it's not any bugs withing Ryan's or other addons. I tried adding WMP11 Slipstreamer to My Trusted Sofware Vendors, wouldn't let me do it with either option, needs to be digitally signed for this (why I can't override it I don't know). Then with wmp11SS open I added it to My Own Safe Files, still didn't work. I opened up the Computer Security Policy, then hit ADD, went to open process (started it up first so it's running) Then went to Custom Policy process and added, then set to Use a Custom Policy. Then I clicked Access Rights and modified Run an executable and added to Allowed Apps and hit apply. Then changed all Default Actions to Allow then hit Apply. Tried again, but still error. So rebooted and still didn't work. Hope this helps if you decide to look more into the Comodo Defense+ problem in the future. As of right now not really missing the Defense+, but since AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 free doesn't run in real time anymore it might be nice to use in the future. No big deal, but it might be nice to have that in the FAQ's or known issues on your home page stating to fully disable the Defense+ for now. Thanks.
  14. From _ n7Epsilon: Does this problem still happen with the latest release of Comodo ? --- I do have the newer firewall now and will try and do a test with my current one after I look at my notes to see which one I left untouched for backup purposes. So if I remember I will reactivate (which still requires another restart - whether you activate or deactivate) and test this out. Then I am going to integrate Ryan's 2.2.1Beta3 with nLite first and then try your WMP11 Slipstreamer. If I have time maybe on one PC I can leave Defense+ enabled and on the other one disabled, with the newer Comodo firewall. But it might take me a couple days to finish these, but hopefully by Friday or Saturday. <<<<<<<<<< Update Wedn. night. 01-16 I tested with the new Comodo firewall with Defense+ Enabled (after restart) and also right clicking with Train w-Safe Mode enabled. Also disabled Nod32, no other programs running. Same Errors again, within seconds. So I right clicked and turned it to disable and tried again. Errors right away again. So then rebooted with it disabled (not fully yet). Disabled Nod32 again and still same error, this time took about 15-20 seconds. So then I went into Advanced settings and fully disabled, was asked to reboot so I did. Upon reboot tried it again and __ It Worked !! So it's official, have to have Defense+ fully disabled when running. I will still try and create a new nLite'd one with the newer Beta3 version and update like I said in original post.
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