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  1. No he means a lot of windows versions on 1 cd right? Like the Windows 2003 10in1 First you need Cdimage.exe a tool that microsoft uses to optimize ISO's with the -n switch which erases duplicate files.
  2. Longhorn is gonna be a cool beta test cant wait for it!!!
  3. on Windows 2003? Uhh I dont think Norton System Works will work on Windows 2003, only Norton Antivirus Corporate.
  4. Sorry to hear that dude.... I read a lot of your posts and used alot of them, they were really helpful. Well I guess this jerk ruined it for the rest of us. Cya then. :/ Sincerely, PS2rules27
  5. Just wanted to see how you all like the new Nero 6 Ultra Edition
  6. Comcast High Speed Cable. wooooooot.

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