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  1. The main source of the problem is most surely this:



    Tried with IE7-KB929969-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe on its own as it previously states in an HFSLIP log furthur up, made no difference.

    I've checked your entire list and it seems to me you haven't taken care of it much. If any obsolete hotfixes required workarounds they may fail now as workarounds are gradually removed from HFSLIP.

    Lol hold on... I am taking care of my hotfixes hence this entire topic! I'm rebuilding my HF folder, as I said above I wanted to get IE7 slipstreaming + IE7updates sorted first.

    Maybe I should do it the other way round... Sort all the XP hotfixes and then the IE7 Slipstreaming!

    Thanks for the heads up tomcat!

  2. hmmm, very very bizarre error. Does Counter strike work again when you go back to 4.5.1?

    What type of 4.6 did you try... Full or Lite?

    Could you maybe try and test 4.6 by only selecting the install of DLL's, if Counter strike still doesnt work then uninstall 4.6 again and try installing only EXE's etc...

    Please post what selection causes the error. Thanks!

  3. then i look my start menu, the shell32.dll miss some too, like 14354,14355,14356.bmp.

    These images arn't slipstreamed in this version of XPize, I do believe XPize 4.7 will work though ;)

    one more thing, i used reshacker opend the winntbbu.dll. when i select the Bitmap->103->1033 i got a error message, like this:
    Access violation at address 00402791 in module 'ResHacker.exe'. Write of address 01B30000

    This error is fine, you can still extract the image or replace it without any problems.

  4. oooo... hmmm, will remove that.

    This might help you... The control panel internet options is still the ie 6 version.

    Also noticed from my WU1.txt file that one of the hotfixes missing is one that fixes TCPIP...KB922819.

    Will try adding these hotfixes to see if it fixes KB933566.

  5. @zedox

    Now that's weird. If I have to believe WU1.TXT, pretty much everything failed to slipstream. Do you have an $OEM$ folder with a bunch of files? Do you have enough hard disk space? Also try the latest test release.

    No $OEM$ Folder.

    Tried latest release.

    And I have GB's of space!

    Note... I only have a few exe's in my HF folder... i'm just trying to sort IE7 slipstreaming and updates out before bringing in all the updates...

    Should add though that even with every update Windows updates needs being slipstreamed using HFSLIP windows updates still asks for KB933566!

  6. @Bledd

    See this is the problem, as much as I love those icons, for consistancy if I was to include them I would have to change all the yellow folders to black, and imo thats taking XPize Darkside "too far" :ph34r: However, once again, if there is enough public request I would be more than happy to add them.

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