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  1. All I have done to my source is HFSLIPed 5 updates, and 3 microsoft/windows update cabs...

    Windows update asks to install the website software.. even though its included in HFCABS folder, after installing the software I can't get any further,

    It just sits on this screen...

    "Checking if your computer has the latest version of Windows updating software for use with the website"

  2. Changing Operating system has got to be the most impractible solution to a problem.

    The best solution I could think of is creating an Autoscript that will send a "windows" button command... this will close the start menu.

    Then add this autoscript to your startup folder.

  3. Uninstalling nLite won't make a difference.

    This problem has been asked many a time, I think it's safe to say if the tweak is not working for you then tough! Doesn't work for me, and this was months ago I raised it. As far as I know there isn't a solution.

  4. okey dokey...

    can you, (on the machine with the problem) goto the following folder..

    C:\Windows\system32 (C:\ maybe different on your machine)

    Then zip or rar the file, ntoskrnl.exe.

    Then could you upload it to rapidshare.com and provide the link for me?

    I'll check the file over and to see if it is a problem with the actual boot file.

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