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  1. Will the XPize redo, include an option to have a black based theme installed, such as DarkSide? Or will we still need to install DarkSide, for that...
  2. Yes, it does not work. Well, that's a good start, then...
  3. Windows Sidebar for XP I've been using it, in its earlier/various revisions, for the last six or so months, and it's proven to be real stable - and thus never had a reason to uninstall it... By putting it here, I'm just trying to alert those, that don't already know of its existence... Stick with the now very stable and very revised XP (as opposed to the still (IMHO) very buggy Vista), and have one of the small added extras (in some peoples eyes - and for those that like this sort of thing) that Vista has to offer... Screen grab of it running, on my own desktop: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/tonyhancock/024.jpg
  4. Just spotted a blue background in a window, after pressing 'F3' from the desktop. Below image/snapshot, prior to pressing 'F3': And after pressing'F3': I'm still using v2.0 of XPize Darkside, as v2.1 won't work / install properly on my system, for some strange reason... So not sure if the above is also happening with v2.1... Maybe someome could check, and post their findings back here...? Many thanks...
  5. Before we install, some screen shots/grabs would be nice, for those of us that haven't had the pleasure, yet... Many thanks...
  6. Sorted, now... although not sure what caused rhe problem in the first place... Used 'Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!', to fix the problem, which can be found here: CLICK!
  7. Since installing 'Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 3.01 for Windows XP (KB917013)', I have the following problem (see screen grab, below) with the Taskbar: http://www.users.freenetname.co.uk/~railwa...bay/snap010.png Not sure whether it's an XPize Darkside or XPize problem... Might have something to do with me running a 1920 x 1200 desktop res, not sure...? Many thanks!
  8. Aha! You've been holding out on us! Actually taking time to have a life when you could be spending every waking moment bringing us the next Darkside! Well, I suppose we could forgo the flogging this time. BTW, there was one other thing besides the boot screen... the missing forward and back arrows in the device manager. I'd seen it posted somewhere, but can't seem to find the thread now. Oh, and I wasn't sure if the login dialog (Ctrl-Alt-Del style) was supposed to be dark or not... it's still blue on mine (XP MC 2005, dual core). Here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=67889 & http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=103413
  9. I too, am having this problem - just thought I'd mention it... Also..., since installing XPize, 'Taskbar and Start Menu' icon under/in 'Control Panel' no longer works... When I click it, it asks me to choose the program to 'Open With'... very strange... BTW, anyone know where the control panel applets/programs, are actually stored, on the system? As there's seems to be no access to them, directly – I can see no way of actually copying the applet – as there is no ‘Control Panel’ folder...)?
  10. Darkside Problem... will look into it Great, zedox. Look forward to an update... Can all three be dealt with, via a Darkside update? BTW, can anything be done with the boot-screen problem, that those of us have, who are running dual-core system?
  11. Keep up the all good work, XPero. Because despite what I said, I do support you, in everything you do - honest!
  12. Knew it would be controversial, when I posted it, but I still think it needed to be said – as much as I appreciate XPize, believe it, or not... Many here probably agree with my post, and indeed, wished they’d had the balls to say it... Never said it was going to die... although, you’re the only one that really knows/knew that... which I’m very glad to hear, of course...
  13. I appreciate your efforts with Vise... As I’m sure once I go over to Vista (not anytime soon, I hasten to add) I’ll benefit from it, as indeed I am doing now, with your XPize efforts. However, surely the main reason for the need for XPize (rather ironically), in the first place, was because Microsoft decided to concentrate their efforts on Vista, and thus leave parts of the GUI side of XP un-XPized... Indeed, as they now also seem to be doing again, with Vista – and hence the need for Vize... As I see it, XPize is not completely finished just yet.... As I, at least, have several icons/pictures (and probably many more, that I’m yet to come across) remaining from the pre XP days, that still need to be dealt with via XPize... Therefore... wouldn't it be a good idea, to concentrate all your efforts on XPize, getting it finished completely... Unlike Microsoft, who left XP incomplete (GUI wise), for someone else to deal with (i.e., you)... Just a thought...
  14. Can this be fixed then? Or does it just mean, anyone using a multi-core CPU system, can't have the new boot screen... Many thanks...

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