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  1. zedox

    Help With Xpize

    I noticed the file names of the images in your screenshot are all png's? Are the files you replaced in the folders pngs or icos?
  2. Afternoon all, Using C# I've just finished work on Vista Source Patcher A small application that will patch your source files with new resources that Vize offers. I'm after 2 or 3 testers who will need to test my application and ensure that Vista still installs ok and the files have been patched. If you would like to help please PM me! For those who are interested here is some screenshots... and website is available here Thanks Antonio King (zedox)
  3. zedox

    Help With Xpize

    Sexy icons Check the reshacker script, icon 8 isn't normally patched by XPize, so I bet you havn't changed the reshacker script. Also, remember, there's two shell32 folders, if you update one you should update the other. zedox
  4. BUG Very minor, but version 0.3 is reporting its 0.2 on the about page
  5. I left the media center image for the old logoff as blue. If you'd prefer I can knock up a new image for next release...
  6. And this... in XP and Vista...
  7. Ill have a look into this one. But basically the blue skin is default... if u changed it to the default silver or green it will still go blue on logoff and logon. The visual style is only specific to the user that chooses one, not the entire machine.
  8. the new upgrader installs ok but when I executed vizebasic.exe it asked for setup.msi
  9. 0d14r3 This has been covered many times on this very topic... Modifying the source does not include the extras (eg: Logon screen, theme, shutdown/logoff screen, wallpaper, screensaver, etc...) CLHatch I started work on the next version the day after the release of 2.0 Fact is, no problems have arrisen from this release other than this multi-processor problem. So, tbh when enough changes imo have occured Ill release a new version. Also your reference to life... are you suggesting Ive had no life whilst working on xpize...
  10. There were only a few minor changes with 4.7b... If you're going to get stuck in with the source I'd recommend downloading 4.6 and ADDING the fixes from 4.7b yourself.
  11. another thing, i'm unsure of the actual name of your program... Is it Vize or Vize Basic? Maybe the name should be written consistantly throughout the application...
  12. Super stuff XPero! Looks very sexy so far! Suggestions/Improvements: Change patch button to "restart" at the end of patching of system files. For the vize basic application to start straight after installation. Start menu shortcut to go in its own directory on the start menu. Bugs/Mistakes: "...files which contains non-Vista icons, images..." should read "...files which contain non-Vista icons, images..." "Please choose an task below to proceed:" should read "Please choose a task below to proceed:" Donate button would read better as "Click here to support the Vize..." rather than "I will support the Vize..." Visit Vize's Website button would read better as "...and other projects by XPero." rather than "...and other XPero's projects." I'm so glad you've gone down the C# route, as I know this langauge
  13. I'm bored of this now. going for a race in my LUGE
  14. i'm so glad my girlfriends titties are still PERT
  15. The most used forum on msfn.org is the XPize forum... theres already a community here!
  16. You havn't left me with much to go by there bud... When did this all happen? Did you have your normal Logon screen working before installation? Have you got XPize installed aswell? (If so, uninstall both and ONLY install XPize Darkside) Did you select UXTheme patcher when installing?
  17. Try just clicking next once and waiting... This sometimes happens if you press next twice. gl
  18. www.deviantart.com Has a whole variety of theme's that do not need windows blinds to work...
  19. this won't be a problem bud... Are you running XPize Darkside on your source or on the actual installed machine?

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