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  1. Never mind. I found the info on the Reloader in an old forum post. Just fyi, Help links at http://www.xpize.net/help.php produce a 404-Not Found msg. Just proving that I did look for the Help doc. :-)
  2. W3bbo, Excellent, that sounds great. Looking forward to XPize V5. On a related topic, if I click "Force Reload" with XPize 4.7, does that just reload XPize image resources to repair/update XPize? Or does it restore old DLLs as we discussed above? On my brother's machine, I can't get into the Control Panel -- System Properties. It gives message something like 'missing icon or image'. Wondering if a Reload XPize would fix that. Please excuse the basic question. I could not find a Help document for XPize. Thanks in advance for the advice. ~ John
  3. This raises an interesting question with XPize 5 coming soon. I installed XPize 4.7 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 ages ago -- and love it. Since then I installed XP SP3, but I did not uninstall XPize before the SP3 upgrade. Had to install the UXTender.exe to allow unsigned themes with SP3 but that was painless and worked fine. But now it appears I won't be able to upgrade to XPize 5, since uninstalling XPize 4.7 will restore all the old Win SP2 DLLs. And I can't got back to the SP3 install restore point -- I would lose 6 months worth of work. I can't be the only one in this boat. I wonder if the XPize 5 developers have thought about this and created some workaround. Thoughts anyone?
  4. dubsdj, WindowBlinds looks interesting. But I've grown to know and trust XPize. I appeciate the suggestion though. Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Has anyone created panel themes in colors beyond the Luna Royale Blue and Black? I am using XPize 4.7 (on Win XP) which has these two themes which are great. But it would be nice to have other Royale theme colors -- even if all that is provided is color for the window panel title bar/borders and the task bar then keeps the rest of the Luna Royale Blue customizations. I am clueless as to how XPize does its magic (XPero and Pgase, you Rock!). But if this is possible to do by creating some BMP files myself and doing some sort of customization, I'd give it a shot. Any documents that describe a process? BTW, MS will have to pry XP from 'From My Cold, Dead Hands'. So I am specifically interested in XP info. Thanks in advance for any pointers.
  6. Pgase, Thanks for the explanation. You are right. When I compare Luna Royale with the standard XP themes, they do look "PlaySkoolish". Sorry to hear you will not be extending these themes in the future, was hoping for some color themes beyond the Blue and Black. But I am sure you have new, more exciting projects underway. Thanks again for this great theme.
  7. Pgase, Probably my last comment on the Royale theme (b/c I don't want to become a nudge -- if I am not already). The progress bar indicator, although nice, it seems a little out of place to the rest of the theme. It doesn't seem to have the 'glass' look of the other controls. Maybe it has too much yellow or needs more opacity. My own preference would be a green glass look with no yellow -- but I'm not a graphics designer so it's hard to articulate. Pasted a screen grab below along with the standard XP progress bar as comparison. Btw, i really like to look of the clear glass trackbar handles -- cudos on those. Looking forward to the next release. Thanks.
  8. Hi Pgase, For your consideration... I found another wish list item for a future release. On a Tabbed panel, the selected Tab is highlighted white. With the Silver Windows XP style, the tip of the Tab is colored as a more prominent visual that the tab is selected (orange in the screen grab below). Might be a nice touch to add a hint of blue color to the selected tab. Did I say nice job? I love this Royale theme. Who needs Vista now? ;-) ~ John
  9. Hi, I found one other nit item that might be worth looking at in a future release of Luna Royale. When a menu item is checked , it gets highlighted with dark blue background. The check mark itself is black and hard to see. So the checkmark would be more visible in a light color (ex white). See attached screen capture. Using XPize 4.7 beta on my XP Pro computer. This is a .Net framework 2.0 app if that matters. Again, thanks for the great product. Regards, John
  10. Hi, Just installed XPize 4.7 beta on my XP Pro computer. And am using Luna Royale. Very nice Just one nit. The toolstrip buttons do not seem to have the same 3D look as regular form buttons. Or maybe they do and it is more subtle than regular form buttons. In the screen shot below, you can see the toolstrip with File--New--Open--etc. , the bottom of the tool strip fades into the color of the background panel. So you cannot see the bottom of the toolstrip. Regular buttons like the OK/Cancel buttons are outlined so their bottom edge is well defined. Like I said it's a nit. I love the Luna look. Screen capture attached. Great piece of work. Thanks . ~ John
  11. Hi, Just installed XPize 4.7 beta on my XP Pro computer. It's awesome. Thanks for creating it. Just one nit. The toolstrip buttons do not seem to have the same 3D look as regular form buttons (with the darker shading on the bottom of the button. Or maybe it is so subtle that I cannot distinguish it. Like I said it's a nit. Screen capture attached. Great piece of work. Thanks . ~ John ================ Update @ XPero Thanks have reposted to the Luna Royale thread.

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