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  1. MinNtServicePackVersion = 256 means a minimum of service pack 1, not 2. (SP# * 256) But it'll still slipstream into a SP0 source without modifying anything. It may only apply to a live installation, even though service packs are supposed to be cumulative.

    I slipstreamed XP Pro gold with SP3 and XP Pro SP2 retail that was distributed by MS, and these are the difference for the i386 directory and subdirectories. These files were not changed by slipstreaming the service pack, they were changed by MS. RTM w/ SP3 retains RTM versions for these files and SP2 w/ SP3 retains SP2 versions, they were untouched.

    RTM w/ SP3
    8b14674e76e3e4294a84b3dee43a3572 DRIVER.CAB
    36716cfe138fb09e0ad03ff3b9387589 EULA.TXT
    37ae0fd24bb1d4e01f8799405f16fc67 GUITRN_A.DL_
    2c2c3442458b60a76ad51e2130784ed5 MIGISM_A.DL_
    afc228fe905b34ec3d803aadf106a19a MIGWIZ_A.EX_
    c0b654811adc9526cc3a48b6829efc59 MMC.CH_
    4189177baaf19c713dde36bab12670c5 MSRDP.CA_
    4d79090711840d93107b2c450e04614d MSTSC.CH_
    190b8d7eb78290a6951f898189f6bb43 MSTSC.EX_
    961170fb30f31c799adc82180ba76e7e MSTSCAX.DL_
    cc667ed6324ad54395f89ba42ab4c89a RDSKTPW.CH_
    96c02727c05f7f92e532e2e5ef579642 SCRIPT_A.DL_
    e57e3eae9c091f150d5c0190ec56e494 SETUPP.INI
    483736112c512bf88ca4071acb28e13a SUPP_ED.CH_
    589279c0328d4a7257f16538490109f7 SYSMOD_A.DL_

    SP2 w/ SP3
    2d832e343da62fada7bc04c9565903d0 DRIVER.CAB
    32908d1c1a9d47cc239233508db58912 EULA.TXT
    ec7020c81ccd411016a9e24db7bbdf81 GUITRN_A.DL_
    8b7defa32c568312a41ca080c94c8549 MIGISM_A.DL_
    4839574b0be44129d52e5fb34e3c9a31 MIGWIZ_A.EX_
    696274d8847b91a70de30e6136156bc0 MMC.CH_
    9993d8a4d723a29c6aca11fa37c953e8 MSRDP.CA_
    346d52bfc6be94ab1e164d751f39d273 MSTSC.CH_
    3d88382f6a7e01e221c4837351c5687a MSTSC.EX_
    57a6e5ae29ebd763a33b0ebc6498fa1e MSTSCAX.DL_
    d9ab03599d290c5b4cb1987db3fcaebf RDSKTPW.CH_
    3fce94428d966e1bcda7f08c3f94f5ee SCRIPT_A.DL_
    c86f42ad67f2374add55a2cb8c3c11cd SETUPP.INI
    b70dfbc99c612867174316743bf351b0 SUPP_ED.CH_
    4556c0b453ef90a52162599d1e921f61 SYSMOD_A.DL_

    tscupgrd.exe has been updated by SP1 and SP2, but in SP3 they've not decided not to include it at all, so any version of that file other than RTM shows an error in setuperr.log.

    Slipstreamed disks do not include a dotnetfx folder in the root of the CD. Retail CDs don't have cmpnents folder. Slipstreamed disks don't have updated tools in the Support\Tools from 08/2004.

    None of it makes a difference, your integrated install will be the same as any other.

  2. What's there to test? As far as I know there were absolutely no changes to the way XP handles drivers, and there already have been updates to SP2 if dual-core or however-many-multi-core processors do funny things (and no doubt included in SP3 already at this point). The amdk8.sys driver from AMD's website should work fine and worked fine for me.

  3. Strange...I couldn't integrate KB888111. It was telling me that it was already part of the package or that it was not compatible. I ended up having to use a new one, KB835221. I have sound, so I'm happy. :)
    I created a custom addon for use with RyanVM integrator.

    KB835221 is actually older.. the file versions are where KB888111 is, and it doesn't appear they even have an SP2 package for KB835221.

  4. SP3 seems stable to me. The only addons I put on it are DX9c redist, KB888111 (minus portcls.sys/mssap.dll), and MU, none of which modify or overwrite any already present system files. I haven't hacked it with TCP/IP tweaks using out of date DLLs or removed any components.

    They decided not to include HDA support, which is why I add KB888111.

  5. It complains because it is expecting version 5.1.2600.0 (SP0) of tscupgrd.exe. Up til SP2 the file has always been updated. However, SP3 doesn't include this file and whichever one you have in the source you used won't be changed. So if you use a source with SP2 already to slipstream then it will have a version of 5.1.2600.2180. I tried with a source with SP0 (no service packs) and it didn't complain about version 5.1.2600.0.

  6. I'm not sure about it going away in SP3. I integrated 3205 and the one before that and it still copies plugin.ocx and complains about it if it isn't in i386. I had already emailed them about it.

  7. I bought a router with QoS (Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT firmware), since there is someone that likes to run a bunch of torrents and use maximum upload and trillions of peers that would normally completely halt traffic even on the LAN for other computers and also unable to even access the router setup page. Setting bittorrent to the lowest simply wasn't enough, so I added that computer's MAC address and now if I want to play online or if I want to download an occasional torrent, it's all about me and everything flies as if there were no other computers on the network.

    There are also pre-built software/operating systems such as pfsense that if you can get a spare PC, then you could load it and turn it into a router.

  8. Because of "Unified Driver Architecture" it should work, but if you use their installer it will fail since the GF4 MX won't be listed on nv4_disp.inf. Supported can mean "don't come to us with your problems if your card isn't listed". You can find modded nv4_disp infs at laptopvideo2go.com to accept more video cards or try installing through device manager, using WinRAR or 7zip to extract the files from the setup file.

    Worst case scenario, all you have to do is launch safe mode and uninstall the driver.

  9. Wireless signals are broadcasted everywhere. The encryption is to keep people from outside your house from using your router and to keep data transmitted secured because again anyone will be able to pick up your traffic.

    If your router is left unsecured and someone connects to it then the traffic comes from your internet connection and if used for illegal purposes you will most likely be held liable.

  10. Changing setupp.ini doesn't work to get OEM or retail from VLK media because VLK has some files that differ from OEM/retail, one being the PID generator.

    You need an OEM or retail CD.

  11. It's not like some sort of 'law representative' comes by on a regular basis to each house to make sure there aren't any modified or backed up Windows CDs either. And (thankfully) the same thing doesn't happen with RIAA and MPAA agents doing the same to make sure you aren't violating the DMCA.

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