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  1. ok one more idea

    An option to remove more files, using relative paths. For example, this option to be located in the Components section I could specify to remove files like so:



    I'd think it to be better if it is specific like that. I edit the image after vliting to remove 16-bit support. There are two winspool.drv files, \Windows\system\winspool.drv and \Windows\system32\winspool.drv, and as far as I know the one in system32 needs to remain while the one in system can be safely deleted. I remove 100 or so files as part of NTVDM and editing the image afterwards just makes the image grow.

  2. They're the ones who packed everything on in Vista; run everything by default; and I notice they decided to put more things in the kernel and/or as services, like they turned something like Offline Files into a driver AND a service running by default, or the need to discover proxies is now a service and a driver running by default.

    The only uninstallers they provide at most for their middleware are shortcut uninstallers.

  3. I tried running Process Monitor, and got this result (using same source as Tihiy):

    111239	20:57:59.6960528	vLite.exe	2736	QueryOpen	C:\Users\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\vsTemp19\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM	FAST IO DISALLOWED	
    111244 20:57:59.6971759 vLite.exe 2736 RegLoadKey HKLM\VTEMP 0xC000017D Hive Path: C:\Users\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\vsTemp19\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM
    111387 20:57:59.8018777 vLite.exe 2736 SetEndOfFileInformationFile C:\Users\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\vsTemp19\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM.LOG NOT FOUND EndOfFile: 8,192

    111525	20:58:00.4927220	vLite.exe	2736	QueryOpen	C:\Users\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\vsTemp19\Windows\System32\config\COMPONENTS	FAST IO DISALLOWED	
    111535 20:58:00.4937659 vLite.exe 2736 RegLoadKey HKLM\VTEMP 0xC000017D Hive Path: C:\Users\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\vsTemp19\Windows\System32\config\COMPONENTS
    111705 20:58:00.7114115 vLite.exe 2736 SetEndOfFileInformationFile C:\Users\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\vsTemp19\Windows\System32\config\COMPONENTS.LOG NOT FOUND EndOfFile: 8,192

    It's on XP, and that's a custom profiles directory.

    I haven't seen Process Monitor produce a result like "0xC000017D" before, normally they're human readable. The entries after those are just winlogon.exe querying for sound scheme and loading the "Critical Stop" sound to sound the error.


  4. No, you can use a key from pid.inf, you don't modify pid.inf. If you don't want to use your real cd key, use "TK9P4-DPHDB-RDT36-M9M28-VPVHM" for example which is what Setup would enter in a normal install for OEM media when the user doesn't put in a cd key.

  5. Vlite 1.1

    Vista Business 32-bit ISO: 2.49GB

    Vlited: 1.25GB

    Install size is 4.2GB that includes the pagefile which is 1.29GB, so minus pagefile is 2.91GB.

    I am satisfied, although I am not a fan of using nLite, Vista definitely needs to be trimmed since all that fat is running automatically, like Windows Defender which IMHO they should be brought upon by the EU to remove it themselves.

  6. How about a "Legacy Filesystem Junctions" option that removes the 'Documents and Settings' etc junctions meant for backwards compatibility. No matter what I do I can't remove them mounting with imagex.

    I just don't use programs that require such accommodations.

  7. Maybe they don't/won't support that with unattended installs, because they figured that if someone is making an unattended install that they're going to put their key in it.

    Use one located in i386\pid.inf, which is where setup gets a temporary key when the user decides not to enter one.

    You can use the OEM key that Dell uses for automatic BIOS activation, it simply won't be activated in vmware, and shouldn't be a problem if you're just testing the answer file. It won't say "You don't have a Dell BIOS, Setup must cancel!" or anything like that.

  8. If the driver doesn't work unattended after using the addon then try installing the driver after you install Windows, done the OOBE and logged in.

    The addon works with my Conexant HD Audio & modem.

  9. What does this CD look like? Is it a burned CD or a hologram or have the name of a computer company? A burned CD might not necessarily mean it was altered and you can't change pressed CDs or CD-Rs once they're made.

    You can always pay $30 for a replacement, $150-$300 depending on the type you need by buying it from the store again.

  10. The upgrade version should ask for a CD of a previous version of Windows that is qualified to be upgraded during setup (like windows 2000) and it does allow clean installation. Setup may also scan for existing Windows installs and if you have an existing XP install then it would not ask for a CD from another version of Windows.

    The only difference between a full version and an upgrade CD OEM or retail is one file, 7 files if comparing volume license vs retail/OEM. Though I haven't heard of any volume license upgrade CDs.

  11. SP3 can't include IE7 or WMP 11 updates because it still comes with IE6 and WMP 9 and there are completely different updates for each. The installers for each aren't continually updated and wouldn't include updates from only a few days ago, but IE7 still supersedes IE6 SP3 and WMP 11 supersedes WMP 9.

    The real problem is that the updates for IE7 are restricted to service pack 2 and you get an error message like "Setup has detected that the Service Pack version of the system installed is newer than the update you are applying to it. You can only install this update on Service Pack 2." even though if the restriction were gone it would work just fine. But the restriction is there so you can't update IE7 when installed on SP3. The WMP 11 updates does not have a restriction of only SP2 which is why you are presented it on Windows Update and it installs without a problem.

    Every update has a file that says "This is the minimum service pack requirement and this is the maximum service pack requirement." IE7 hotfixes like the ones for this month say "minimum SP2 and maximum SP2" or in other words "SP2 ONLY". WMP 11 & this month hotfix for WMP 11 are "Min SP2 and max SP20" (there won't be anything beyond SP3 so SP20 is just for good measure). I tried editing the IE7 hotfix to allow SP3 but it just gives a signing error and doesn't install.

  12. If not, MS have http download links (no user/pass required) for Vista (I'm not sure how legal it is to post those so I won't be doing that)

    If it isn't protected and is on Microsoft's server, what's the problem? If they don't want it public then they need to put it on part of their network that isn't on the internet.

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