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  1. bottled leaf

    nLite Error

    In order to change xpize settings you need .net 2.0. I dont like java either, i agree, but there is nothing bad with .net. It's like 20 MB. OH NOOO THATS TOO MUCH!!!! It's not like it will degrade your performance. You probably just browse the web anyway.
  2. Everything sounds good except Why not dual boot xp and linux? There may be a prog for xp you would like, it's called gamexp. try it If i were to recommend a distro of linux, it would be suse. I have been familiar with suse since 9.0 it is like 11.0 right now i think i dunno. Anyway, I really enjoyed suse, even though i dont use it now because my 56k modem is non linux compatible.
  3. Um I think thats for booting from like a flash drive Technically you dont need to do anything: The Whole press any key to boot to cd works out after all because first you press a key to boot to cd. Done. Then you need to boot from hard drive, so you dont need to press anything.
  4. Works fine for me. Just gamehead is right, you need to make sure youre booting from cd and completely leave out hard drive.
  5. bottled leaf

    nLite Error

    Whats so bad about .net 2.0? It takes about 2 seconds to install on my raptor X. Plus if you like xpize you need 2.0. I used to be like you and not install .net and use the runtimes. But installing 2.0 is just easier. It's okay, life will go on.
  6. bottled leaf

    nLite Error

    Ohhh I got that before. WHat I did was uninstall all .Net in add remove including runtimes and installed a fresh .Net 2.0 (therefore no runtimes needed)
  7. Hi guys this link may help you, along with myself A LOT http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2230
  8. haha! I have Gold Xp home legit! No service packs on it.
  9. I believe it has to do with the drivers when you press F6 because I had this problem. Then I made a new disc and somehow it was fixed. MAKE SURE YOU DONT HAVE RAID DISABLED AND THEN TRY TO LOAD RAID DRIVERS USING F6 BIG NO NO!! This is very strange because i didnt even press F6 to load anything and it found the hard drive. I dont have much experience with Sata drives, this my second - Raptor X. My first experience was with my friends comp and i loaded the drivers. So i am a bit confused.
  10. Well first off there isnt any unrecognized hardware in device manager. My Chipset is Nforce 4 (just standard not ultra or sli) with the integrated nforce ethernet. Second, there is nothing wrong with it because it just inserted my old ide hard drive and it still picks up the ethernet. Therefore something is up with my preset - which im trying to figure out. Yes everything installed when I put in the mainboard CD.
  11. bottled leaf

    No ethernet

    There is no ethernet. Using a MSI Neo-4 F mobo. Nothing listed in device manager. Heres my preset. [Main] Env = 1.0 Final - 2.0.50727.42.Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Target = Windows XP Professional Sp2 - build 2180 - English (United States) [Tasks] Remove Components Unattended Setup Integrate Drivers Hotfixes and Update Packs Tweaks Create a Bootable ISO Patches Options [Components] ;# Applications # Accessibility Options Briefcase Calculator Charmap ClipBook Viewer Games Internet Games NT Backup Pinball Screensavers Wordpad ;# Drivers # Cameras and Camcorders Display Adapters (old) IBM Thinkpad InfraRed ISDN Logitech WingMan Microsoft SideWinder MultiFunctional Portable Audio Sony Jog Dial Tape drives Toshiba DVD decoder card ;# Hardware Support # Battery Bluetooth Support Brother Devices Gravis Digital GamePort Multi-port serial adapters PCMCIA Smart Cards Sony Memory Stick Teletext codec Windows CE USB Host All language stuff ;# Multimedia # ActiveX for streaming video AOL ART Image Format Support DirectX diagnostic tool Images and Backgrounds Intel Indeo codecs Media Center MIDI audio support Mouse Cursors Movie Maker Music Samples Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder Speech Support Tablet PC Windows Sounds ;# Network # Client for Netware Networks Communication tools Connection Manager FrontPage Extensions MSN Explorer Netmeeting Network Monitor Driver and Tools NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol Outlook Express Peer-to-Peer Synchronization Manager Vector Graphics Rendering (VML) Web Folders Windows Messenger ;# Operating System Options # .NET Framework Administrative Templates Administrator VB scripts Color Schemes Desktop Cleanup Wizard Disk and Profile Quota Disk Cleanup Document Templates DR Watson Extra Fonts FAT to NTFS converter File and Settings Wizard Help Input Method Editor Manual Install and Upgrade MS Agent Out of Box Experience (OOBE) Private Character Editor Save Dump Utility Search Assistant Security Center Service Pack Messages Shell Media Handler Task Scheduler Tour Web View Zip Folders ;# Services # Beep Driver Error Reporting Event Log Fax Services Imapi Indexing Service Messenger Remote Registry Removable Storage Secondary Logon Service Advertising Protocol System Restore Volume Shadow Copy WebClient ;# Directories # ADDONS BSCRIPT SUPPORT TOOLS UPDATES
  12. Are you all using a sata hard drive?
  13. Ive had this problem before. I remember fixing it by editing the registry after googling it. So google it!
  14. Well I would think before jumping into what to modify and all that stuff - is to GET A GOOD COMPUTER!!

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