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  1. Adding the "Add Users" screen

    How did you get it working with OOBEINFO? I was trying to do the same thing. I wanted everything unnattended, but I wanted the one add users screen. Thanks Tim
  2. kdx - Khost.exe

    I found these two links for it - apparently it is a plugin used for secure content -delivery. From windowsstartup.com: kdx(KHost.exe) And they pointed to the plugin manufacturer, Kontiki, who had a lot more information here: Kontiki It doesn't look like it is needed and Kontiki's site has uninstall procedures. Tim
  3. Outlook 2003

    I can help out with the first problem, but not the second. I have outlook for 3 users, all sharing the same inbox. What you do is get your first account setup with your correct inbox. Once the pst is created, move it to a common folder for all users ( I use the Shared Documents personally ). Launch outlook again. It will complain that it can't find the .pst, and allows you to browse for it. Browse to the common folder and select the .pst. Now that account it set. For the additional users, due to the profiling of outlook, it will create new .pst files for each user. Go ahead and let them get created. Close outlook for additional users, then go into the Documents and Settings folder, then into the additional users Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook folder and delete the pst. Log in as the other user and launch outlook again. It will complain the .pst couldn not be found. Browse to the common folder again, and select the .pst from the first account. Additionally, if you want to share address books/contacts also, you can do that through the Tools/Email Account menu. Hope that helps some. Tim
  4. No "Advanced Settings" tab in IDE controllers

    Im not familiar with the 4-in-1 drivers, but Intel's Application Accelerator does the same thing. It moves those "Advanced Tab" settings down into the Application Accelerator application. Does the 4-in-1 by chance install this Intel Utility at the same time? Maybe? My 2 cents in case it helps anyone else.... Tim
  5. Strange glitch in MS Outlook

    Yep, Outlook 2002 is what I'm running....same thing. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decide to open that up as a modal dialog...can't do anything else in Outlook until you make that thing go bye-bye by sending or closing. Tim
  6. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon In there is the string value GinaDLL, which you can change to your gina dll name. Hope that helps Tim
  7. Theme icons reset to defaults

    I just wanted to post a quick update - disabling that service did the trick! I disabled it last night, and tested it out by running through a lot of restarts and switching users back and forth, and the themed icons remained in all cases. Thanks again for the help! Tim
  8. Theme icons reset to defaults

    Haha No, I realize disabling the service would affect all users. What I meant was if the NVIDIA helper service is what is causing the problem, wouldn't the symptoms affect all users, and not just the one.. But, regardless, it sounds like it is unneeded, so I'll disable it and see if it helps her out with her icons. I'll let you know. Thanks again for the help! Tim
  9. Theme icons reset to defaults

    MeDieViL, As a matter of fact I do! I have a TI 4400 based card running NVIDIA drivers. I will certainly give that a shot. But, wouldn't you think that would affect all users, and not just the one? I'll try it and report back. Thanks Tim
  10. Hey folks, I have a multi-user XP pro SP1 install with uxtheme.dll. All 3 users have different themes loaded. On one user, and only this one, the theme icons ( My Computer, My Documents, Control Panel, Recycle Bin, etc ) keep resetting back to the windows defaults after logging in. This can be a re-login following a switch user, a fresh login after a restart, no difference. Re-applying the theme will work only for that instance, and again, any other login attempts will reset them. The only thing that was done different for this user account and the others on my system was that I installed Palm Desktop software for her PDA ( installed by launching the installer from her user account with a runas Administrator ). I tried checking the registry entries for the Palm Desktop, but saw nothing relating to system or shell icons. I have tried setting her theme back to the XP default and running the tweak UI repair icons, then reapplying the theme, and no go. I even tried deleting the iconcache, and still nothing. I even applied a different theme, thinking her's may be corrupt, but the same thing happended with the new theme. The other user accounts have no issues. Can anyone point me to somewhere in the registry where I can look to see what may be forcing them to defaults? I'm at a loss now as to what to look for. Thanks for any help Tim
  11. If you enable the Netgear router's logging, then try MSN mail, it will probably log which port it is trying to use. Once you have that, you can custom configure a setting under "Port Forwarding" to open that port up for the router. Netgear has some predefined settings in the dropdown, but I don't recall anything specific for MSN except for messenging. Tim
  12. Folks, I realize I don't post much, and I ran a search on this before I asked. I hope it doesn't end up being a stupid question. I just performed an unattended install last night. The CD was created with GM's XPCreate, normal hotfixes put in, some of Gosh's recommendations for spyware prevention, applying compatws.inf using secedit in GuiRunOnce ( for issues with older applications and my limited user accounts ), and a few normal registry tweaks. The only reg tweak pertaining to documents was the prevention of "recent documents" showing in the start menu. The issue I see is that for the limited users I created ( in the "Users" group ), their individual "username Documents" icons do not show up under "My Computer", even though they are accessable from the start menu "My Documents". The "Shared Documents" icon is there, however. From my Administrator account, I can see all three of the limited users's Document icons, as well as the Shared Documents. I checked to make sure none of the limited users documents folders were inadvertantly set to private - but even so, that wouldn't stop them from showing up when logged in from their own account. Would anyone possibly have any ideas of something else I could look for? Maybe the registry keys got toasted, but I'm not sure where that information is stored. Thanks for any and all help. Tim