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  1. Hello KrX, your german language-file isn´t up to date. Delete line 238 in your lang_de.js in Lang-Folder.
  2. @ pedilover and blue About the nvidia-driver problem: This is not a bug of 7costomizer. Try to unpack all files with an underline at the end of the name (´nvapi.dl_´ and so on) in the nvidia-driverdir and after that rename the unpacked files like the original name. It´s a problem of the WAIK. Same with ATI-graphics driver. Unpack the files ind the B_**** dir and delete the original-files. After that it is not necessary to rename the unpacked files in the B_**** dir like the nvidia-drivers. Leave them as they are (***.dll, ***.exe and so on). Integration now its possible without errors.
  3. Hi midiboy, I have the same problem. But only when I integrate an IE7-update with nlite into the XP-Installation CD/DVD. The update which causes the problem is KB950759 (or older updates for the IE). Without integrating this update into the installation of WinXP there will be no error during the installation of Office 2007 (SP1 und newer updates are in the update-folder). Maybe this will help. Vista has this problem too. But there ist no solution for me. I think because of the integrated IE7...
  4. I have also the problem with WPI and the installation from Office 2007. For me it's the Windows update KB933566 (IE-Update XP and Vista) which causes the error when integrated in i386 (nLite) or install.wim (WAIK). I do not integrate this update before running WPI, no error during installation.
  5. One double-entry in the WAIK is x86_Microsoft-Windows-IE-InternetExplorer-neutral causes KB933566 and the second double-entry is x86_Microsoft-Windows-Security-Licensing-SLC-UX which I don't know what update is responsible for this.
  6. Hi FireGeier! I have the same problem after integrating the updates. Double entries in the wsim. Integrated the updates described in your guide using the batch with pkgmgr.
  7. I've pressed Apply and used the same image. After doing so I make an ISO with WAIK (oscdimg) and burn with Nero.
  8. Tested with a fresh non-unattended Vista, no driver is installed (ATI Display, Realtek Sound, nForce4 Chipset). Integrating the drivers with WAIK and cmd-file, all drivers are installed correctly. I've only integrated drivers with vLite, made no image und no burning with vLite. Maybe this i a problem?
  9. Thanks for your reply and help. I found the drivers in temp-folder as you wrote. And I have tried an installation, but the drivers wouldn't install. I will try an installation non-unattended and without integrating updates. The folders in the Last Session.ini are my own naming.
  10. No virtual machine, I have the possibility to test it on 4 machines at home. First of all I perform an unattended installation with WAIK and create an Autounattend.xml at the root of the DVD, then I integrate Vista updates to install.wim with the batch-files from FireGeier like in this thread and after that I integrate the drivers with vLite. Also I tried it with a clean Vista-Source, only integrating the drivers with vLite. And - no driver has been integrated from vLite... When I mount the install.wim, the integrated drivers should be in windows\system32\drivers and windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository, I think. But there are no any new drivers, only the original Vista drivers. My last Session.ini: ; vLite preset file [Information] Version = 1.0 on 2.0.50727.226 Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Target = Windows Vista ULTIMATE 32bit [Compatibility] [Components] [Options] [Protection] [Drivers] D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\A\CR\ctgame2k.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\A\R\1\Alcxau.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\A\R\2\HDA.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\CH\N\1\nvsmbus.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\D\A\1\CL_48646.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\D\A\1\AVS_T200\atirt2lh.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\D\I\1\igdlh.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\D\I\1\HDMI\IntcHdmi.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\D\N\nv_disp.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\L\B\b57nd60x.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\L\I\1\e100a325.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\L\I\2\e1e6032.INF D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\L\M\yk60x86.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\L\N\1\nvfd6032.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\MS\N\1\nvstor32.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\MS\N\2\nvrd32.inf D:\Vista_Unattended Dateien\Treiber\Y\1\AsAcpi.inf [Unattended] What's wrong or where is my mistake?
  11. Same problem here. I want to integrate several drivers with vLite 1.0 Final (ATI, nVidia, Intel and so on), but only a few will be integrated with vLite. In lastsession.ini all is o.K., but looking at the mounted install.wim most of the drivers are missing. And no driverinstallation at the install of Vista, of course.
  12. New test without KB933566 (IE-Update). Now it's o.K., no more error At the first test I recognized that Vista Update Integrator slipped the KB933566 though I didn't select it. Don't know why, maybe a problem of Vista Update Integrator With the KB931768 (older IE-Update, the newer ist the KB933566) same problem. Now I slip all updates except the KB933566 and the installation works without any problems. The KB933566 will be installed from WPI at the end of the installation with the silent options /quiet /norestart.
  13. Tried an installation only with Office 2007 - same error... But I remember that I had the same problem with WinXP und WPI v5.4 caused by the WinXp-update KB931768 (for IE7), which was integrated with nLite. After disabling this update und manual install at the end of the unattended installation there was no more problem. I'll make a new Vista-DVD without the KB933566 (it's like the KB931768 for XP) and try it. Edit: test without the KB933566, same error Strange. Try another install without any updates. Edit 2: test without any updates, no more error while installing Office 2007 Problem: which of the 47 Vista-Updates is responsible for the error? Puh, I'll begin the search
  14. Hmm, maybe a problem with a Vista-update which is integrated in my source? Have you integrated Vista-updates? Edit: I will try an installation only with Office 2007.

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