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  1. What do you mean? It's already out on the market in systems by HP and Sony. and a simple answer is needed. Can I buy a motherboard, two CableCard tuners and the OS itself that I can put in a different case?
  2. I know that, That's why I'm asking for for a motherboard and an internal CableCard tuner from a Velocity Micro PC. To circumvate that, Cause the motherboard has to be certified and have the BIOS on it.
  3. I don't know, But does this apply to the Video Card being certified or are you saying I can't take the Motherboard out and use it to recieve CableCARD.
  4. I'm building a CableCARD PC with the PowerMac G5 case and I'm wondering, Where can I find a motherboard and CableCARD tuner (internal) that came from a PC with CableCARD and I'm wondering if I can somehow modify the BIOS to be CableCARD certified.
  5. I'm wondering what skin or patch is he using in this pic?
  6. There's an overexcess of gamma and brightness and the colors look washed out, What do I need to do?
  7. Well if you have newer hardware, Windows ME would be a good choice since it removes real-mode dos allowing for almost 2GBs of RAM to be used.
  8. I've been having the thought of booting direclty into the MCE app and not into explorer, Is there a way a distribution can be made to remove all the unnessecare stuff, You know, (explorer, etc...) and boot directly into Media Center.
  9. An ENX-26 tuner that came with a Sony VAIO PCV-RS620G. The new tuner I have is a NVIDIA DualTV and this one has two 5-pin video ports and two 4-pin audio ports.
  10. I have a 10 pin header connector from my old TV tuner, Where can I get a 10 pin to 5 pin cable?
  11. Yeah, I copied the paramaters from the original royale noir theme and it just doesn't want to go tiled, What do I do?

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