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  1. I have a strong feeling that this issue is caused by cmdow.exe being deleted by your antivirus program. i too have no spaces in my paths... cmdow.exe is still there so i'll assume that it wasnt deleted and nod32 hasnt had a whinge about it... i'll doublecheck mysettings.ini
  2. It shouldn't use the multipack feature of the DP Base. Just use the regular Disc feature. multipack feature of dp base?.. i cant see an option for multiple or single ??? i dont quite understand what you are saying...
  3. hi... finally got around to testing it today... found a problem, it may be just me... slipstreamed driverpacks using the latest base and latest driver packs as of today into a fresh xp source and tested. all good. but when i use the mysettings.ini with powerpacker the driverpacks api thing comes up but it finishes up a little to quickly and there is no driverpack files (the 7z ones) copied to my multi folder. anyone else come accross this or something similar.
  4. i have no idea if it does detect the type but it shouldnt be too hard to implement anything that doesn't require activation is a corporate version. 99% of all software provided to teachers through their work is corporate, well it is here in australia anyway.
  5. is it working? can anyone confirm?? just want to know if it does or not before i rebuild...
  6. after a year or so of using BTS driver packs i have not had any hassles with CMDOW... make sure cmdow is in your $OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32 folder and try again.
  7. Hi is it possible to integrate Media Center into powerpacker? just curious k
  8. Method 2, RunOnceEx, no KtD same as laura. i am not having any problems.
  9. it's not an issue with the combination as i still get the same error when i use the driver packs alone. try it yourself and see what you come up with. as ive said in another thread i have a manual fix. but iam sure it will be fixed in one of the future diver packs base. use the /integrate method and viola. if you dont know where to get kb888111 from, it's on the mainboard cd.
  10. Hi Siginet first time ive made a multi boot cd and **** it was easy! i do have a few suggestions: in my case i have 6 instances of the $OEM$ folder and they all have that same contents. is there any way to make it so they all share the same one? but, with an option to disable that feature (for all or a certain install) just incase you want to have a particular install with different apps. because i used 3 different flavours of xp i had to find all my WinNT.sif's and ammend the product key to suit that particular install. do you think it would be a good idea to be able to paste the product keys into powerpacker and have it inject the relevent key into the sif?
  11. i have the same problem. i dont use ryanvm's packs (i use WSUS to keep my xpcd size down) one way to get around it is to integrate it into your xpcd by using the /integrate:path to xpcd works for me. maybe to help me and others who dont use ryanvm's packs is for bashrat to include the kb888111.cat file and all required entries. just a thought but im pretty sure it will work.
  12. time for ME to give something back. for those who are interested i have found a fix. well sort of. first and foremost i do not intend to offend either bashrat or ryanvm. you guys have saved me a lot of time and i have learnt a great deal from your work(s). when i get some spare cash i will send through a donation to show my appreciation. currently bashrats and ryanvm's packs are not working for me (kb888111 not installing automatically) but due to the lack of activity in this thread im assuming thats it is probably only me that is having this issue.. stopped using ryanvm's pack because i now use WSUS. mainly to keep the size of my xpcd to a minimum. thats pretty much where my problem first started. (i did try the newer updatepack, 1.3 but that dodnt work for me) in my circumstances i believe it is a cat issue. i read somewhere that ryanvm deleted the kb888111.cat in v1.3x and is planning to put it back in his next version. but that doesnt help me because i dont use the update packs. what i did to fix it was integrate kb888111 by using the /integrate:c:\path to xpcd microsoft way. tested and low and behold it worked! YAY! maybe bashrat needs to adjust his method of integrating kb888111 by including the kb888111.cat into i386\svcpack and the neccesary entries into the HFINT.DAT
  13. hi, i use this very same board and i am having some issues. after setup completes, in device manager i have a "pci device" with a yellow exclamation mark. i update the driver by letting it search my cd (im using method 1) and it comes up with a message saying something like "please insert disk labeled UAA", i point it to the system32 folder on the systemdrive and it installs. then naturally my souncard shows up and i install the driver by searching the cdrom. i have the latest version of all the bts packs as of the 10th of august. i am using the long svcpack.inf way to install my updates. when i was using ryanvm's update pack it was working. i have done some homework on this. although my knowledge of this is VERY basic. ive done some comparing of the txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf txtsetup.sif from when i was using ryanvms method. txtsetup.sif using bts method. the only differences i can see between them both (besides the double entries) is that some of ryanvm's entries have double spaces and they are in a different order. files section of dosnet.inf ryanvm's method: from bts pack method: once again doubled, ryanvm's entries are in a different order compared to those of bts's method, however i believe that to be irrelevent. but i may be wrong. i believe it is a kb888111 not being installed correctly as my system needs me to install the "pci card" driver by pointing it to the system32 folder then it installs all the UAA stuff. when i can i will edit the txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf on my newer cd with those from the ryanvm when it was working and test that. am i on the right track? what else can i do to get my issue resolved?
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