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  1. Great work with nLite =) I'm a big fan of it. However, I see that you have "boot.bin" which is the boot image for the windows image. I was wondering if this was copyright'd/what licence is it under? I ask because I'm trying to develop something similar to nLite and not having to extract the boot image would be a great help. Regards
  2. Using a VM machine (M$oft Virtual PC or soething)... and this is my CDimage command line.... cdimage.exe -lXPs -h -n -d -b..\..\BOOT.bin -o -m ..\..\ C:\XPs.iso
  3. Titles really says it all... What is the benefits of doing each of them? I guess DupFiles - save on disk space.... Same with CabMerge? I dunno - whats why Im asking you guys....
  4. http://img213.imageshack.us/my.php?image=g...allerrorkx7.png http://img83.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gu...error21zk4.png[ http://img207.imageshack.us/my.php?image=g...lerror22xf9.png http://img213.imageshack.us/my.php?image=g...lerror23vm2.png Any ideas? I have nLite + DriverPack and now im getting this! edit: Im using a VM machine Log
  5. How can I add a bootscreen to this!? not using the boot.ini trick!?
  6. My new boot screen! IT will not show! My Question is: How do I make a multiboot XP Setup disk, with a custom bootscreen, not using boot.ini trick!
  7. Hey! I have change my boot screen via boot.ini...but I wish to integrate it now! I know that you cant use same boot screen for each SP, so I made one for them all! I have a VM which uses a single core, but my PC which I use has dual (both less than 3GB) therefore the files effect are NTKRNLMP & NTOSKRNL... *also uses RVMUpdatePack2.1.11 & DriverPacks* Short version ModifyPE & compress my kernals. rename & move my uncompressed kernals into \i386\driver.cab rename & move my compress kernals into the boot bit as well as \i386\ I start off running nLite (here is a bit of Nlite.ini for HomeSP1 (which this bit is the same for all of them!) [Options] CABMerge <<<<---- This right? DupeFiles TargetPath = "XP" temp_dir = %windir%\Temp NoWmpComp NoKeepCp RemoveMUI AdvTweaks CDPromptRemove NoISOPreset After that I add make the boot stuff bit (here is my layout btw) \XP\HomeSP1 (Setup CD) \XP\HomeSP2 (Setup CD) \XP\HomeSP3 (Setup CD) \XP\ProSP1 (Setup CD) \XP\ProSP2 (Setup CD) \XP\ProSP3 (Setup CD) \XPH1\ (Boot stuff) \XPH2\ (Boot stuff) \XPH3\ (Boot stuff) \XPP1\ (Boot stuff) \XPP2\ (Boot stuff) \XPP3\ (Boot stuff) Next I delete all traces of NTKRNLMP & NTOSKRNL from theses folders above (that is the also the .exe and .ex_) then I ModifyPE MY kernals... ModifyPE.exe singkrnl.exe -c ModifyPE.exe dualkrnl.exe -c Followed by compressing them makecab "SP1\singkrnl.exe" "SP1\singkrnl.ex_" I then extract each driver.cab file with CABARC.EXE X ..\..\XP\HomeSP1\I386\DRIVER.CAB * D:\DriverCABSP1\ Next copy over my new kernal over the old one (also rename it at the same time) copy /Y "Boot_(Disable_System_File_Checker)\SP1\singkrnl.exe" "D:\DriverCABSP1\NTOSKRNL.EXE" /V copy /Y "Boot_(Disable_System_File_Checker)\SP1\dualkrnl.exe" "D:\DriverCABSP1\NTKRNLMP.EXE" /V then compress it back up with cabarc.exe -m LZX:21 N D:\DriverCABSP1.cab D:\DriverCABSP1\* then move the new cab back into the old one... I then repeat this with all the cabs... I them move my compressed new kernals over the old ones in the boot bit and the setup disk (i386)! This isn't working for me! Any ideas what is up!
  8. some1

    nLite + SP3

    Hey! I have found that nLite doesn't compress SP3.cab into drivers like it does with SP1.cab and SP2.cab! It also doesn't remove DOCS, SUPPORT, VALUE folders.... Tho, keep up the good work!
  9. Hey! Any idea why it still (windows start menu) is popping up after install, when I have disabled it? Ta!
  10. Hey! Ive just updated my version (and copied back into it my config file), and added a new bit of software, and now im getting this error! I tired to remove what I added, but it still doesn't work Any ideas? Ta!
  11. Hey! Right, To the point Layout/Settings \XPH1 \XPH2 \XPP1 \XPP2 \XP\HomeSP1 \XP\HomeSP2 \XP\ProSP1 \XP\ProSP2 >Using nLite and High compress and merge CABs >Haven't got SP1.CAB or SP2.CAB AT ALL! I have the bootscreens but I cant get them to work Ive tired putting the compressed and uncompressed verison everwhere (in all the XPxx, HomeSPx + ProSPz, driver.CAB) doesn't work! Any ideas? btw I have modiyPE.exe it (the compressed before I makecab it) Thanks
  12. Hello! Can this be done... I have found where alot of the tweaks are stored (nLite.in_), and extracted it into a inf file.... I can see this are registary stuff, but how would I run this on a PC that didn't just wipe and install windows!? how can i run nLite.inf from command line? Thanks --SOme1
  13. Is there a way of running nLite.in_.... My reason for it, is I wish to apply the tweaks without instaling windows! I know I can do but that then just gives me errors saying it cant be found, I tweak the path of nLite, and still I get errors! Any help?

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