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  1. I have heard that if the GND and +5V pins short on a USB device that they can fry a motherboard's voltage regulator. [i.e. not good!].
  2. Hi there, 1. You can upgrade the video from VGA to SVGA by installing Virtual Machine Additions. 2. I am not quite sure what you mean, as all virtual hard drives are the same type. 3. Sound should work automatically, and modems are not supported [as far as I know], but you can use the internet through LAN.
  3. Unfortunately, we can't really offer any help unless you give some more information, specifically: Vista version When does explorer crash, or is it random. How much RAM does your system have Any other odd things that have happened
  4. Now that your PC is standing sideways, is your drive parallel to the ground [like _______], or perpendicular to it [like |]. If the drive is perpendicular to the ground, that could slow down burning. Also, did you make any other changes to your PC recently, or are you using a different brand of DVDs.
  5. MS VPC 2004 runs 5048 quite well, [Albeit slowly]. However, it looks terrible until the 'Virtual Machine Additions are installed.
  6. Personally I like 'Longhorn', I can't see why they fuss over names!
  7. Hello, I had the same problem when running Longhorn 4074 from the hard drve [sATA]. I just went into 'Sources' and clicked on 'Setup.exe'. Hope this helps!

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