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  1. I have had GDI+ on my system for some time with no problem, it is in the C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero Toolkit and was installed by Nero. Version 5.1.3102.1360
  2. I had almost the same problem with an older Dell pc, tried to update the video drivers to a newer version had nothing but problems. Installed back to the older drivers from Dell and the problem went away.
  3. I would also check the device manager in safe mode to make sure you do not have any old hardware still showing installed or a 98se problem showing more than one of the same hardware installed.
  4. Try this,click ctrl,alt delete and end task rnaapp and try to reconnect. Please post a modem log also. Do you have a nic or lan card installed? What port is the modem on,might disable that port in the bios and reinstall the modem. You do not need the modem port listed in the device manager because these modems use software ports. If is is disable it. Check for any programs in the startup folder also. make sure you do not have any modem strings in extra setting.
  5. Also tap ctrl,alt,delete and see if you have a program that may be holding the modem open. End task RNAAPP and try the connection again. Have you added anything to extra settings? Might also delete you connection icon in dialup networking and make a new one.
  6. http://www.anyhosting.net/technology_232_1.html http://home.arcor.de/carsthom/updates/win98se_updates.html Are these any help?
  7. Found this on a Japanese site. With is " update of the Windows Q823559 " in addition and deletion of application, if from below-mentioned file version on, trouble of the Windows Update interpreting, it is good ignoring? Recovering, there are also times when it is not repaired and.... Renewal day and time Ver. Size file name 2003/06/26 22:19 2003.1100.5426 311,864 html32.cnv 2003/06/26 22:19 2003.1100.5426 116,288 msconv97.dll Http: //support.microsoft.com/default.aspx? Scid=kb; Ja; 823559#Win9x It raised the version of the msconv97.dll with the Winc98se Office2000 SP3. 2004/02/24 11:36 Ver.2003.1100.6252 http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/catalog/en/default.asp Going to run QFECHECK and see what I have.
  8. Maybe this will help,go down to Explorer Bars http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....olbar_style.asp http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/browser...ials/button.asp
  9. Same here even lost my firewall,antivirus,windows update,shockwave and other programs.
  10. You might want to try this,have been using it for a long time with no problems. http://www.browsertools.net/IE-Privacy-Keeper/index.html Just remember if you install hardware or software and it tell you that you need to reboot do not run this app,because there will be files in the temp folder the install will need. You can set it up any way you want.

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