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  1. I'll stick with updating after every clean install. An unattend file is NOT what I want as it hinders being able to do things like format within text mode setup and always detects a Windows folder even if the hard disk is RAW (unformatted). If MS made SP1b instead of just a rollup I would want to go that direction doing a true slipstream (by my definition: Doesn't need svcpack.ini or any of that unattended crap).
  2. You have to use TweakNT to trick it into being XP Home or Pro in order to install some apps that use the MSI Installer (NAV, NSW, PM, etc.). If you don't the installer will detect a server OS and will simply refuse to install.. During which state your OS is having an identity crises like this, some functionality will be broken, but I have just noticed it was only Windows Update, and may also be anything that you can normally download from WU. Similar OSes such as XP Pro & XP Home and 2000 Pro & 2000 Advanced Server won't have this problem..
  3. No go with WFP enabled, but running the command in Safe Mode prevents MM from coming back.
  4. No go... I don't understand why 2002 would work without the rest of NSW and with the rest of NSW installed, but 2003 will only work with the rest of NSW installed despite noting it installed successfully.
  5. I personally prefer a pure slipstream as well. I don't like unattended installs. I just want the updates to automatically install, absolutely positively nothing more. I tried manipulating the hotfixes's update.exe but it didn't work..
  6. I did that and maybe I did something wrong, so I will give it another try. What happened last time is that it never installed. The NAV folder was empty.
  7. First of all my copy is legal for 2 licenses. I just want to install NAV 2003 on my desktop computer from the NSW 2003 CD and everything will be installed on the other computer. How do I go about doing this? Here is what I have tried and have gotten an "Internal Program Error" after running the NAV 2003 install; it wouldn't run: -Ran the setup from the NAV folder -Selected just Norton AntiVirus This worked for NSW 2002, but not 2003, how come? BTW, there are no error codes like "4000,319" on the error dialog and Symantec's solutions didn't help. TIA
  8. That does not help; not being able to slipstream. The download size would be more or less the same. The posted link is a RAR and I doubt MS would use RAR to keep the file size down. Maybe they will change their minds .. Webmedic's slipstream method errored on IE updates for some reason. 38MB is an hour or two on dial-up.
  9. Update/reinstall your NIC driver. Check your protocols. Pick one and stick with it. NetBIOS must be installed on all the computers for them to see each other. Or NetBEUI. You can't expect them to see each other if one is using NetBEUI and NetBIOS on the other. If you're using NetBIOS and use WinXP you must disable the built-in firewall and install and configure a 3rd party. Check your speed settings. If you are, for example, using a 10Mbps max. hub your network card's speed setting must be no higher than 10Mbps. Check to see if your cable is indicated as being plugged in, if using 2000 or XP.
  10. I had the same problem and fortuntely was only a one time thing, and installing XP at that time from scratch was purely for a sure fire way to fix the boot record (WinME & XP Dual; trying to recover the boot record unfortunately only got one OS to work at a time) because I had installed Windows ME last. I reimaged the partition with an image I made just before formatting and resumed normal operation. It worked after that, and haven't changed anything. Give it another try via a repair, or format if you have nothing to lose.
  11. Slipstreaming hotfixes to only have to do an unattended install either way. Maybe I am reading it wrong when it mentions to make the $OEM$\$$\Hotfixes folder.. You'll have to see it my way... which is I want the files slipstreamed as if it were a service pack, meaning it should not require anything more than a command to update the files in the i386 folder. If at all possible I want to avoid an unattended install because I found out it isn't right for me and hate Windows assuming that my name is "Owner" or I'll never want to format a partition before installing Windows (see my first thread about configuring the text mode setup).
  12. Ummm, ok, Winnt.sif means I should make an Unattended install? Then doing all that wouldn't be worth the time.
  13. Since you did it with the uxtheme.dll file, then perhaps you can do it with hotfixes eliminating the need to install Pre-SP2 hotfixes from a batch.. Tell us how!
  14. Is there any way to make an unattended install of XP where GUI part of setup is automated but the text mode remains absolutely the same as if I were using the original XP CD? I can specify "No" for autopartition and whatnot, but I get absolutely no choice of what file system I want to use or format with. I always get an error saying (even on a formatted partition) that a \WINDOWS folder already exists, hence no choice to format. I still want to install pre-SP2 hotfixes, and be able to create my own username as opposed to "Owner" after setup.

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