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  1. Recently, I have created a program that I want to get hosted on some sort of site and allow people to download it for free. I also would like to release the source code. I have looked into a variety of options and googled for hours but I havent really come up with anything that fits my needs. Here is a run down of what I have looked into. -open source project hosts such as Sourceforge and Novellforge: the problem with these is that they have a stipulation that the program must run on a free operating system and the program i made only runs on Windows (because it was created using the .Net Framework and I know there is a .NET equivalent in Linux and other systems but it doesnt support Windows Forms) -upload.com - i believe it requires a website and a direct link for a download (this leads to my next option and therefore is a problem) -free web space hosting - the problem with this is that bandwidth is usually limited and sometime file size is limited plus most dont allow you to host an .exe( the setup file) so i guess my most basic question is, what is a good place to publish free software for Windows Operating Systems? Thanks in advance.
  2. The XP Network Setup Wizard doesn't work to well on Windows 98SE in fact it screws up a working network setup on a 98SE machine. Configure it manually on the 98 machine. Also i think DHCP here might mean that the computer should be set to automatically retrieve a ip from the gateway.
  3. There is a worm associated with this process and error. Its name is Sasser (i think). Google the error message for more info.
  4. Google could definitely come out on top in the free mail account category (atleast against microsoft and hotmail) Recently, I set up a new hotmail account because I was bored of my old account name (I've had it for about 6 years). I had used outlook express with my old account almost the entire time that I used the old account and I had no complaints about the account. But when I tried to set up the new Hotmail account with Outlook express it said that hotmail no longer allows accounts to be accessed with outlook express. This is a very drastic move on Microsoft's part because Gmail offers free pop access. Also Gmail was just released to the public recently and this move could be a catostrophe for microsoft. Just another case of microsoft trying to get the most money out of its efforts as it can. (on a side note, i dont think to many people are using all of the space they are offered in gmail. i have about 90 emails on gmail and i am using 0% of my space. i think google is banking on the idea that people arent going to use all the space they offer)
  5. Thanks a lot for the info. I can now look forward to learning more about VB .NET and other .NET languages.
  6. Recently, I have got into learning VB .NET and I was wondering if the .NET Framework is "standard" on Windows XP. If not, is Microsoft planning on making the .NET Framework 2.0 standard when they release it. I was thinking it could be a waste of my time to learn the language if it isn't standard on the majority of computers.
  7. VideoLAN for video. It can basically play any video format out there. It is amazing. If a new format is created the creators are usually really quick to support the new format.
  8. Problem Solved! I finally was able to find the process that was causing the trouble. The process was mscorsvw.exe. It appears that it was installed by the new .NET Framework Beta 2 and the process compiles assemblies needed for the .NET Framework after installation. Also it only starts to run when the computer is idle so that is why my screensaver would appear to freeze. It will supposedly finish all of its work in a short amount of time if it is let to run so I plan on doing that and see if it helps. Thanks to all for the help.
  9. The problem is I can't get the temp for my gpu, I searched google for a while and I couldn't come up with anything about my gpu and temp monitoring. But I don't think it has something to do with the video card because I run games like Half Life 2 fine with out locking up, why would a simple screensaver lock it up. I believe the issue is with my computer idling, I came back tonight to my idle computer to find that the cpu was running at 41 C (I should also add that the mobo temp was quite low). and while I am using the comp my cpu temp is 31 C. Maybe it could be a process eating up cpu usage but again as soon as I come back from idle none of the processes are using any of the cpu(or there cpu usage is 0). EDIT: I also just checked all of my processes running using Spybot. I found nothing out the ordinary.
  10. It's the 3D Text screensaver. Does this use OpenGL? Also I don't think it is the screensaver because I have been using it for a long time and it hasn't caused problems before.
  11. SPECS: ASUS K8N-E AMD Athlon64 3200+ Seagate SATA 120gb ANTEC 350W psu GeForce FX 5700LE ATI TV Tuner 1gb Corsair Value Select Problem: The screensaver will come on and run for about a minute, then it freezes. When I make the screensaver stop after letting it run for a while, the cpu temperature will be very high for my system(45 C, normally 35 C). I know that these temps are low, but the processor runs at around 41 C at full usage. Another weird thing is that as soon as I come out of the screensaver, I have checked the cpu usage and it is 0%. I ran a virus and spyware scan and I don't think I have installed any new software that would be conflicting with the screensaver. Thanks in Advance.
  12. I was thinking about this some time ago and I just recently remembered the idea. Anyway. The XP has been thought to mean a bunch of different things which include XPerience. But what about a reference to Roman History(actually its more of legend) People are familiar with the Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire. He named a city after himself and made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. There is a legend why he made Christianity the official religion. He believed that Christ helped him come to power. The legend goes that a night before a very large battle, Constantine had a dream where Christ spoke to him and Christ told him to write the greek letters Chi and Rho, or XP, on his troops shields the next day for the battle. Constantine did this and his army completely slaughtered the opposers even though he was supposedly outnumbered greatly. So maybe is there a connection that the XP in Windows XP has a historical reference and this historical reference could signify how Microsoft feels about Windows "XP" and what it was suppose to do to the competition(if there was any at all)? Here is a link to Wikipedia, it explains the legend in more detail. Battle of Milvian Bridge Just a useless but interesting connection...
  13. This worked for me when I wanted to resize a partition and install Windows XP 64bit. Plus it is handy if you ever have to deal with system crashes and booting problems. It has a Partition Magic clone. Also its completely free! System Rescue CD (Ignore the stuff about just being for Linux, works fine with Windows) It's my preference, but it's your choice...
  14. Problem Solved! I cleared the CMOS on my BIOS and now the ethernet is functioning perfectly. Thanks for the tip, though.
  15. Anyone got any ideas? Oh by the way, I am overclocking my video card a little bit, could this be taking away some power from the onboard ethernet?
  16. It looks as if all the locations of your programs have been moved or deleted. Does it give a message along the lines of "Unable to locate 'example program'" when you click a program. The message might ask you to locate it where it is. You may want to try and look in the directory C:\Program Files and see if the programs are still there. (Go My Computer>C:) I don't know what to do however if all the program files are gone from Program Files. Maybe the above steps will help you diagnose the problem for someone else.
  17. So the solution to my problem is that I need a new power supply? I have a 350W power supply right now and the mainboard info said that was the minimum for the motherboard....is that maybe why the nVidia controller is closing?
  18. Hello, Specs: Asus K8N-E mainboard with nForce3 chipset onBoard ethernet controller Seagate SATA 120gb Athlon 64 3200+ Intel PRO/100+ Ethernet Adapter Windows XP SP2 (video card and tv tuner) Problem: I had left my computer on overnight to seed a torrent and when I woke, the computer had froze trying to go into standby. I guess this was caused by the fact that Azureus was running in the background. Anyway, I manuall restarted the computer and when it started, I found out the onboard network card(nVidia card) was not working. So I plugged the ethernet cable into my spare ethernet card(Intel card) already installed. The spare was working fine. I then figured out that my onboard card was giving a 169.x.x.x IP Address so I googled it and found some solutions. I played around with them and eventually trying the Winsock Fix which didnt work and just froze. I then tried to unistall the device and then reinstall it but apparently windows doesnt like it when I attempt to do that. It would just freeze and I would have to manually end the operation through the task manager. Finally through a combination of shutdown, System Restores, and attempting to reinstall the drivers the nVidia card worked again. However, The same problem came up a couple days ago and I have tried replicating my steps with no success. Here is a list of the things I have done: -Attempted to unistall and reinstall the nVidia card(no luck) + changing drivers to new/old -Winsock Fix -Static IP on the nVidia Card -Shutdown and restart Here is things I know wont work: -restarting the dhcp server -the cable is fine it works with the Intel card Here are things I want to avoid or can't do: -System Restore( it appears that system restore removes data that has been added since the restore date and recently placed a good amount of music onto my computer and I would rather not lose it) -Safe Mode (I can't boot into safe mode, I try and it won't let me, it just restarts itself, I have no clue why it doesnt want to) -Manually fixing the winsock-risky and i doubt it will work Oh one more thing, I have a dual boot with Fedora Core 4, the network card seems to not be working in Linux either. Thanks in advance.
  19. I too have tried to fool around with Linux and learn it. I am a dedicated Windows user since 1996 when I started on Windows 95. When I finally upgraded to Windows XP in 2001, I had a spare computer lying around and I had heard that Linux was good for running servers on extremely low end PCs. So I decided to give it a try. I installed Red Hat 9 on a Pentium 1 166Mhz system with 64MB of RAM. (These specs don't make any sense for a server but it sufficed for what I was playing around with. I ended up running it on the twm window manager.) The install went smoothly but after that I was completely lost. I was so used to Windows and I assumed Linux would be easy to learn. I was completely wrong and I decided I was too lazy to learn Linux. Then about a couple months later, I bought a Linux how-to manual. It was very helpful and it helped me set up the comp as a server on my network. Although the process was tedious, I was able to set up the server with PHP, mySQL, Samba and I even tried a CS server on it. Overall, it was good experience with Linux. However, I didn't use Linux on a personal computer yet. Recently, I finally got a computer of my own and I wanted to dual boot FC3(x86_64 to test out 64bit capabilities) and Windows XP. This is where I ran into trouble. I couldn't get FC3 to install because it had problems with my SATA HD drive.(Windows isn't amazing with these yet either) I figured out it was a problem with a driver. I tried a bunch of stuff trying to get FC3 to install and I ended up nuking my Windows XP installation as well. So I had to reinstall Windows XP and this time I installed FC4test3( installed flawlessly and in 15 min). The dual boot works well now. However, I rarely use the FC4test3 installation. I tried to get simple stuff on Windows to work on Linux and I couldn't do it. I was too used to the 2 minute solutions that were possible in Windows. An example is MP3 playback. I spent a couple hours trying to get it to work and I gave up. The lesson I have learned from my adventures in linux is that linux might take sometime for Windows users to learn completely and sometimes one needs to be creative to fix there own problem. As of right now, I don't have the discipline to learn Linux which is a disappointment because Linux offers complete freedom, something I wish I had on Windows. Cheers to anyone who has had the discipline to make the conversion.
  20. I stumbled onto this forum through google. I decided to become part of a good, microsoft dedicated forum and this forum looked extensive and exactly what I was looking for. I am looking forward to learning from this community's knowledge base and maybe even sharing some knowledge of my own. Cheers.
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