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  1. i want to put my 34 plugins for nero in %CommonProgramFiles%\Ahead\AudioPlugins\ using winrar... how can i do it with a self-extract archive? can someone give me the COMMENT to insert in winrar?thanks
  2. hi, i can't view PNG images in internet explorer if i try (for example) to view http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmetics/logon.htm i can't see images....i see a X... why??there's a fix?thanks in advance...
  3. i've already SLIPSTREAMED 834707... now where i put new 867282? like this,before 834707? [SetupHotfixesToRun] KB867282.exe /q /n /z (not slipstreamed) KB834707.exe /q /n /z (slipstreamed) ... ... ... or like this? after? [SetupHotfixesToRun] KB834707.exe /q /n /z (slipstreamed) KB867282.exe /q /n /z (not slipstreamed) ... ... ...
  4. i've this in my HFINT: KB834707=SP2GDR [KB834707] mshtml.dll urlmon.dll browseui.dll shdocvw.dll wininet.dll can i delete this? why i've got 867282....
  5. another question: i had integrated 834707 using /integrate:<path> now 867282 is out (witch is up to date than 834707)...how can i delete 834707 from svcpack folder??
  6. me too but 867282 frezee and i must to terminate it using task manager!
  7. where can i find startx.exe? and upx.exe? dos or windows version?
  8. i've tried office shrinker with my italian version but for each file alert me the file is missing... why?i've clicked IGNORE for about 100times but after that...i became CRAZY!!!!
  9. can i use in vmware a clean WINDOWS XP cd WITHOUT any Service pack...? or MUST i use XP with sp1 or sp2?
  10. in NEROVISION package there's a folder called w9x now, i need only w2k folder... can i delete w9x?because there are 22mb
  11. if i haven't a clean XP,how can i shrink office?can i?
  12. after your modifies,can you help me about "DriverPack_MassStorage_V501.7z"?what must i do? my xpfolder: g:\xpcdsp2\ | |__$OEM$ |__I386 |__etc...
  13. i've read it but i don't understand how to slipstream only MASSSTORAGE drivers... can anyone help me step-by-step?
  14. can you give me the link?i need the cd tomorrow....
  15. if it not possible,there is a method to enable F6 key?
  16. and the most important? (like HDD maxtor,fujitsu...)

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