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  1. Anybody got a mirror? the links don't work................
  2. Somebody got most of them ported over to xp http://shooter468.com/downloads.html
  3. Never mind I got them working ......................
  4. the games used in Vista run with the DX10 DLLs and resoucres, these can't be backported to XP. there was a cleve person earlier on in the beta cycle who ported the games to XP, if you do a search in google i a sure you might be able to still find them Well I tried google and it didn't point to what I wanted so............. Any links maybe?
  5. I'm useing both vista and XP and was wondering if there is a way to run those new games in Vista useing XP? I've tried to but it comes back as a non Win32 program.................... Any Ideas???
  6. you too huh had the same prob now only buy WD
  7. 160 F at least thats what Intel says about my 2.8 norhtwood
  8. Also my buddies box is doing the same thing. Any Ideas?
  9. Im running windows xp pro sp2 . My folder settings seem to be changing. Like tumbnails/show in goups/ tiles they just do what they want to. Any Ideas
  10. you can download them for free google them then scan your system try that to see if that helps
  11. Idon't think it is a virus I htink you got a windows or spyware prob have you run any spyware programs like spybot or adware?

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