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  1. I found in a forum someone had use TuneXP on the Vista machine. He use some option call "faster boot" option, where it rerange the boot files. He say that it work and halve his boot time. I try it myself and it does work. Be sure that the 2 processes called defrag.exe and dgnfts.exe in the task manager disappear first before rebooting. That indicate the rearrangment had completed. I think no one is going to believe me til there proof...??? Here the link where I found it: http://keznews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11633 Just try it out for yourself.... don't have to believe me
  2. great...I just going have to wait for my overhaul...another month for the final version is not to bad.. thanks
  3. I am thinking about overhauling my computer and using vlite. Will there any major changes and more components removal to the final release? I do not want to use vlite 1.1 beta and found out that there are some major changes and new items to remove on the final version. I have been using vlite since .9 version. I think it the greatest thing beside vista =).
  4. I still waiting for the final version. I guess I just have to do what I can with your next release on Monday. Project: Trying to squiz Vista 64 onto 2 Gigabyte I-ram. It have 7 gigabytes of going raid 0. What version of Vista should I use if I play game, do not need the media center, do video import/editing, need fax from word? thanks
  5. Thanks guys, All of you have been helpful. Here what I have found so fall being the of the best Internet Security Suit for Windows 98. The name of the suit I am using right now is Kaspersy Internet Security v.6.1.303. Russian made. I pick that suite due to its strong firewall (pass most link tests), maybe the best antivirus protection, par performance of antispyware against spysweeper or spyware doctor, and system resource usage is low. Of course the suit does have serveral weak points: weak antipam, weak keylog removal (so does spysweeper), no parental control, no IM protection The review can be foud at PC Mag and other varies sites.
  6. I am looking for a complete internet security system made for windows 98. I use to have Norton 2003. As up now, Norton 2003 is outdated and the later is not supported. I tried Zonealarm Internet Security 6.0. It seem to be incompatible with with Windows 98. Are there any other complete security solutions out there that still support Windows 98. Thanks ahead.
  7. Sorry HTS-500, Didn't see your post at the end of the first page. I just skip reading so I can post quicker.
  8. sound good to me....Uhhh.....How do I add my friend's optimizer to the list???? As I have try at least half those optimizers myself, most of them use registry changes to tweak the system. Other uses some kind of caching system to boost the system. I think Hurricane 98 ranks up there on list. I really have to thanks my friend for this nice piece of software.
  9. any one here use Stardock's products, like WindowBlinds? I think it is a skinning tools. It changes the GUI without hacking.
  10. Anyone here want to try this and give it a test drive. Just ask me.. I install on a clean Windows 98 Install with all programs that I also use. Seem to speed my system by 20 to 30%. It look like it is using a ram and hard disc based cacheing system. Cache my harddrive, CD ROM, A drive, It have dynamic ram drive and some kind of memory compression,......etc....It sound like a jack of all trade enchanement utility..... I am getting this info from the program Help section..... There more....faster boot up and and speed up loading programs......don't laught now... I have one person from here testing it...I hope he can give me his opinion later.
  11. Hi, I am new here. Had any one here use a speed enchancement utility call Hurricane 98 made by Helix Coporation. A friend of mine had given to me and said that it would sped up my Windows 98 computer considerly. Any comments would be good....Thanks

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