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  1. Have you tested: First run with all but KB2467659 Second run only with KB2467659 i would make 3 batch files this way (being second run a copy of the first run file): First file runs these commands (2 files): start /wait hfslip1 start /wait hfslip2 I would rename HF folder for second run and do same inside the script (for the second run HFSLIP). Haven't tested yet. Already have some strings moded, little more code don´t hurts.
  2. Only use KB968006 for windows installer 3.1, do not use windows installer 4.5. i use a trick wich includes 2 files and reg lines but would be not legally do such thing like share...
  3. Maybe megaupload show up a message about "file disabled temporary" or so, try again in about 10 or 30 minutes, anyway, reuploaded to mediafire: Here is a mirror to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?jeauy467smgwasm
  4. Here you go Acheron: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RX3DY8O2
  5. That means, everytime you midify the windows source (windows installation files), if you need to change anything, it is recommended to make another folder, copy de cd content to it and make changes with nlite to avoid problems (per prevention/caution). You cannot restore items with nLite after they were removed.
  6. Very good eye jvidal, i didn't note because i took'em from MS### bulletins. I don't think is an issue but it needs to be included (show as needed by WMP 10 & 11 too) in updates-list, this update doesn't change for any of th three WM. WMP9, WMP10 & WMP11 share the same link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=BBF153E7-E764-46A0-A33B-81B7288D346C&displaylang=en
  7. Maxfutur

    Windows Updates

    didn't understand it. Numerated updates to clarify, would be a lot better.
  8. Maxfutur

    Windows Updates

    Wrong compresed Ms update or HFSLP needs little "workaround", at least for spanish language, just pointed here: As i did first test, wasn't sure but three more times to make sure before posting. The workaround i have to do is to use HFSLIP\REPLACE\i386 folder, nothing more, nothing less. Some info i got is: Manual download. Updated by clicked on .exe file expanded MD5 files compared/verified, results: iecompat.dll from QFE gets installed.
  9. Yes, you can. Rename to KB968930.exe I do this in i386\svcpack.inf: Rename to D1.exe Windows Management Framework Core (KB968930) You can do this: In i386\svcpack.inf add to de end of the file: Rename to KB968930.exe Copy KB968930.exe to i386\svcpack KB2362765 seems not to slipstream with HFSLIP, i'm doing first test. HFSLIP Version - 1.7.10J, build 100429 Files in your HF folder: directx_Jun2010_redist.exe IE8-WindowsXP-KB2183461-x86-ESN.exe IE8-WindowsXP-KB2362765-x86-ESN.exe
  10. Thanks Eveline. Before posting (or before creating this tread): I re-downloaded in a safe environment didn't work, same as runing Microsoft Update, dissappears for a few seconds and come back asking for KB955759. BTW. restarts didn't help in any (many) way(s) i tried.
  11. I think that is the version running nowadays yet, the compressed file show 04-29-2010 as last modification's date. Never mind (would be good to know), just dropped off DriverPacks use.
  12. Seems like you remove something. CHT = i believe is Chinese Traditional. BTW, did you get all CHT updates for IE?
  13. A year older, not more, not less. Happy birthday .mx Now that missil (1 1/4 beer) exists, get one or a good coronita...
  14. Use this: http://www.virtualplastic.net/html/logo_scr.html Old info but if you pay attention, you'll make it. Found it here too:
  15. hi to everyone. As the topic title says, i'd like to know how to hide this update editing an .inf (or .reg) file. I do reduce/slim down windows source and tested on vmware, such update doesnt appears, i do integrate driverpacks mass storage only and do a multiboot source. The problem is not when the source is slimmed down, it appears after driverpacks integration and multiboot creation but im not sure where the problem comes from. More days looking to solve this matter is not a big deal...
  16. I have seen this project but never tested. Thanks for all the work done. BTW. i hope not to get into the same situation as this cat:
  17. Make sure to get the righ updates, those for french (same as the OS or windows cd), not for english. Good luck!
  18. Not more wrong than that. Works for me (and almost everybody else), Slipstreamed windows XP SP3 Spanish version many times now.
  19. you're not a alone. yesterday i waste sometime on testing multiboot cd made with cdshell, had errors many times on VMware, reason: using "NumPad", disabled by default on VMware. Sometimes is so obvius that we can't see...
  20. Maxfutur

    Windows Updates

    Anyone?This may work (i had the same problem a few weeks ago but lucky, had a backup somewhere), for later, for someone else: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CZ4AR33X
  21. Maxfutur

    Windows Updates

    Good to know, i had a workaround I just compressed mpg4ds32.ax and add it to [ HFSLIP\REPLACE\i386 ] dir. Everything else, works ok.
  22. Do you talk about hfcleanup_qlaunch_fix.zip? Probably another user here will have this file...Yes, that one is needed. Thanks bfc_xxx Appreciated.
  23. Let me suggest something not so funny. Delete every update or hotfix from your PC (or HF folder), download again from the same list that you have made (even more, get a new source folder). I get no new updates for spanish (my native language), except does not integrated as .NET 4 nor Windows Live Essentials.

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