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  1. I want to change the look. But I don't know which file in the CD has to be edited.
  2. How do u edit this screen ? It the welcome screen that pops up just after the fresh installation of XP. It asks you whether to activate windows now or not. It also asks you to enter your user name and also whether to turn on automatic updates or not.
  3. It talks about editing the new setup billboard. It doesnt say how to edit the blue setup screen.
  4. I run XP SP3 v3264. I followed this guide for creating and integrating a bootscreen to my XP SP3 v3300. First I followed the below mentioned steps Creating the actual EXE file Now to actually create the kernel file. As we'll be creating both the single processor and multi processor kernels we're gonna need to do alittle bit of copy paste, and renaming. * Locate these two files in your Windows Setup Source o ntoskrnl.ex_ o ntkrnlmp.ex_ These files are currently compressed, so read this page on how to take care of that. * Once you have expanded those two files, go into your system32 directory located within your Windows directory. Rename the current ntoskrnl.exe to ntoskrnl.bak. * Rename one of your expanded files from your Windows Source to ntoskrnl.exe into your system32 directory. * Back in Boot Editor, press the TEST button, right next to the MAKE button. * You will be presented with this screen: Press NO as where not really testing it. * The next box, is just informing you where it's creating the new file and that if we were testing it, it'd be made default. Press OK and continue. Press OK on the concluding screen. * Now back in the system32 directory, copy the NewBoot.exe file to the $$ within your $OEM$. For more information read about the distribution folders. Rename the file to singkrnl.exe if you used the single processor file, or dualkrnl.exe if you used the other one. Remember where you save it, you'll need it later. * Repeat the last few steps with the other kernel file, and copy it to the same directory renaming to the name you didn't use on the other one. Then I renamed the newboot.exe to ntoskrnl.exe and ntkrnlmp.exe. Made cab files of the 2 files and copied it to i386 folder. But during setup while windows says installing devices, the installation freezes. I replaced the 2 modified kernal files on the CD with the original ones to test whether it was a problem of the modified files. Then I realised setup didnot freeze and went smoothly. Is there any way I can get the boot screen working?
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