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  1. The download link on you site redirects to the dead original site so no downloads of v1.7.8 are available :-(. DrT LOL That is one of the reasons y open this topic: what a waste of mi time 1 did 4 BTW id like to get a reg file or reg line for quicklaunch TB (a deadlink also) at mimo's web.
  2. There can be another reason: Country Location (by IP), Windows country Localization (System Regional Settings, Localization) and maybe more, not a clue for now. Referer: http://mimo.zxq.net/ Browsing history: MSFN forums WinCert Forums Another Forums (no sex related) Microsoft website (updates related) Google MercadoLibre (about the same as ebay but in spanish). Mozila related websites. Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox versions 3.6.8 and 4.0 Beta 3 Browser not used (only for hfslip.org testing): Internet Explorer 8 I think there is not a real reason...
  3. Thanks for paying attention at this matter tain. Now i think is languague related. There is only one Computer add link called "clase de computación" and a safe image but rest of the links:
  4. There is no reason to keep such links, if you think that many "underage" people is around or new to HFSLIP could go there "accidentally" without knowing what is going to get now. Mimo's Information Site and others related. is SAD what happens with this (HFSLIP) website. Greets to anyone who made this possible.
  5. Maxfutur

    Windows Updates

    Windows Messenger 5.1 Spanish, uploaded by trustee: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JMKSYGPM PD, I've seen mimo's website down at the time of writing this post.
  6. Good job tommyp, just starting with this great tool. Spanish updated (not much but latest): http://au.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/crup/2009/03/windowsxp-kb905474-esp-x86_e152940fa93932e0719170ecb23c6e848a331dc6.exe Newest is March 2009: -http://au.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/crup/2009/03/windowsxp-kb905474-esp-x86_e152940fa93932e0719170ecb23c6e848a331dc6.exe Published is a year older, March 2008: -http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/crup/2008/03/WindowsXP-KB905474-ESP-x86_81bc16dc4f8487e20287184f085203dbfc2a6a94.exe Thanks!
  7. I have an (kind of) answer related to the first post. I had exactly the same issue, i fixit deleting files, extract again and after few slipsstreams, no problems yet. HFSLP 1.7.9, Clean XP Pro SP3 Spanish adding all HF, testing on VMWare 7. Just figure out, any file related to hfslip could become corrupted, maybe needs defrag its HDD. PD. i'd like to share a coment about http://www.vorck.com/windows/hotfixes_xp.html (don't know where, really). on this section "Optional - Required to access Windows Update" there is "windows-kb890830-vX.X.exe" related to \HF folder, it doesn install/slipstreams, at least, it didnt in my tests yet, moved to "\HFSVCPACK_SW1", i'll gonna test.
  8. I used and works like a charm...
  9. I think of what you mean (a DVD wasted for me), go through unnatended when it's done, get your key, open xml file and replace the "pidkey" found in there.
  10. Anyone knows Device doctor: http://www.devicedoctor.com/ and have tested?
  11. Happy birthday!!! Again! Mexican (most of) happy birthday song: Las mañanitas / Topo Gigio Cepillin y Cepi con mariachis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW9ONaDhpzM I lost the "tacos al pastor" and "tacos de asada" plus hot sauce. Sorry! BTW. i win today my second star.
  12. He wasnt clear but he did, see "i did the explorer procedure..." and the post before. What he didnt say is "i saw only one explorer" or "i tried 2 files called explorer". It can be very possible that there is not explorer.exe, only explorer.scf wich does nothing if there is not explorer.exe.
  13. Maybe there is a virus, maybe not anymore. I have seen same problem once about 8 monts ago. What it does? Move, Delete or Rename explorer.exe How you can fix this? Open task manager Open CMD Copy from somewhere else the same or closest explorer.exe versión to C:\windows or where %WINDIR%\ is. Works for me, then update outdated kaspersky virus database (didn't reboot), run the scanner, 1 virus found and killed.
  14. Maxfutur

    xpize 5 Release 5

    On R4 windows updates works ok.
  15. Maxfutur

    xpize 5 Release 5

    Huge improvement! Let me tell, this version was too fast to release u're awesome!
  16. Maxfutur

    fatal error

    I hope there is not coming critical files updates soon. I did update before, lets say in feb or march withuot a problem, but MrBusty, this is a good post for everyone who use xpize to become "warned/advised". When i say critical files updates, it doesn't includes every "critical updates". I recommend to do an image backup before updates. Sometime ago i fixed my buddy's laptop with starter because updates required restart and never endup, manually restarted didn't helped, only fix was OEM restore (i expected something better and faster from OEMs for restoring not hours). Because of this (updates fault), please, don't blame XPize.
  17. Maxfutur

    fatal error

    Maybe that is caused by april's ntoskrnl (and two more critical) update, i had a pc running nlited xpized (plus some vistapack icons), did update, restart and surprising blue screen, no idea why but i had and image backup, tookme 13 minutes to have back 3 days of work. I think it is caused by microsoft "critical files updates". I say so because you said: Not XPize5 problem, it wasn't released yet.
  18. Maxfutur

    xpize 5 Release 4

    As far as I know, there is no olive colour scheme available for the Luna Element visual style. You have to switch back to the original visual style of Windows xp. There is one called "Luna (Longhorn revolution)" wich includes Blue (default), Olive, Silver and as a plus, Neon. I like to switch betwen Silver, Blue, Neon and Olive (like more in that order).
  19. you welcome. "Mineral PREVIEW" looks great BTW.
  20. Easy... Start XPize setup, choose first option (default?) press next until you see the boxes (maybe don't need to go too far). Do a search, maybe in documents and settings\user\ local settings\temp or (i guess) were you have relocated the temp dir with nlite. I think the file is called Anolis and (i did) take the folder inside (of Anolis) to root dir (or any place) and you can rename it as XPize5 or just XPize. In my case, i mix XPize and vistapack icons and more but i keep more XPize in my system, as icons and dimmensions in My PC's properties, to know the files (a few) to patch (XPize don't patch the same files when XP already installed or patched source, vistapack is about the same) in the source, find it in txtsetup.sif
  21. Maxfutur

    Problems on Vista

    And i think that you should post this thread in Vize forum... Let'me ask you a question related to vize: Could be possible to Vize vista from another OS? Something like running XP or 2000... That question came out because im running xp from USB since a few weeks...
  22. Thanks W3bbo for keeping it alive.
  23. Maxfutur

    xpize 5 Release 4

    Clean install of windows SP3 updated (with IE8) in virtual pc, then Xpize it! A small bug found: While a copy (and moving too) is in progress, the animated image is "out of the window" by the left side and downside covering the name of the dirs being copied to and from. Windows XP Pro SP3 updated, when installed xpize, all marked but taskswitch. Spanish language (latinamerican). Screenshot:
  24. Looks like there is no space between "WindowsXPProfessionalSP3" (maybe im li'l blind) but like it! Cursors looks ok, i think i can replace classic icons for the first time.
  25. For best results: Use only 1 drive. Install windows where you can (it can be nlited but have to keep some stuff), laptop or destop pc, does'nt matter. After that, is where USBoot come to work. Install. Run batch called cmd_here.cmd, then type usboot phase-0 follow instructions, the last phase is 3, when it copies to a USB. This next step can be little confusing: When is done, save all your work as setup and usb creation by using a backup tool as northon ghost or acronis trueimage. If you do so, use an external USB HD (assuming that your Aspire One have more than 1 USB port), when (full) Hard drive image (USB drive, i mean) is done, plug your "windows USB" to the aspireone, configure devices, repeat previous step (in case it could work better), create a windows image (result is going to be 2 image drives). Go back to the pc where did all the process, unplug every storage device, plug your "windows USB", proceed to install (while runing "windows USB") the image restoring tool, shut down. Go to your Aspire One, plug the "USB base" with the restoring tool and start from it (i hope you can do that), setup necessary drivers only (if necessary, again), plug your external USB HD, configure, then clone the first "windows USB" image to your Aspire and shut down, unplug devices, startup then configure devices, after that, can be ready to install softw... In case that doesn't work, try the second image drive... ATM I use my USB stick almost everywhere, just plug, run windows, configure network (video if different make, sound if different too) and fly on the net, watch youtube video, create plans with floorplan or 3dhome architect, watch DVD movies with KMplayer installed from klite codec pack, play MP3's with winamp 2.95 +dsp stacker allowingme to add many plugins.

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