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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, kliu0x52. I don't use the check multiple file feature and that's why I never really thought about where to place the checkmark. As for the speed issue, I just noticed that you're right. It does have influence having the file in cache and it is why HC has been slower than HT. It's because in my trials, I always try hashing a file with HC and after that I hash it with HT... Dumb of me for not having noticed. Cheers
  2. Hi there code65536, Excellent tool and excellent features! I do miss one thing: a green check mark right next to one of the hashes when I paste a hash which matches the ones found by hashcheck. Although there is already a feature that highlights a matching hash I'd say that a green icon right next to it "à lá" hashtab would make it a killer app. Speaking of hashtab, I wouldn't like this to turn into a hashcheck vs hashtab thread just because of my comparison but I have to ask this: is it normal for hashcheck to be a whole lot slower than hashtab when reading a file to show hashes? I've made a
  3. What an amusing thread! @Martin L I come here everyday and I can't tell you how much it pleases me to see a woman in this circle using nLite, talking about RAID/SATA drivers in Textmode and stuff. Not that women are anything less than we are when it comes to PC business but unfortunately we don't get to see them here too often because they seem to prefer baking some cookies to their husbands/boyfriends rather than installing Win XP again. Therefore, if you look at this as an isolated event and if you ask me my opinion I say that ArcticRider's approach was very direct but not nasty and meaning
  4. Yep, GN'R ain't merely *the* most dangerous rock band of all time. GN'R is actually a lifestyle. I loved it in my teens and I still love it now that I'm in my thirties. I was there in Rock in Rio this year and may I say "what a performance..."! TV broadcast did a lousy job and those who only followed it through the tube have a very pale image of what these new GN'R are capable of doing even if most of the time they are still playing old stuff. I have gathered some high quality videos (720x480) of their performances at Rock AM Roing, Hammerstein Ballroom, Download Festival, etc. My personal bes
  5. If you seek for a "one-click" tool you could try the best one: DiKo (DivX In Kvcd Out). The tool was originally coded to allow convertions from DivX/XviD/MPEG4 to KVCD/KDVD but nowadays you can input any "AVI" and have a fully compliant DVD output. You can find it at http://www.vmesquita.com/en/diko.htm. There are to versions, one is free and the other is commercial, but I think you'll do fine with the free one. BTW, you should consider their BDVD format instead of the DVD format. It is written in a DVD5, based on 720x576(PAL) or 720x480(NTSC) but with some tweaks that will greatly improve you
  6. @nowinscenario, Hey there , Sorry for taking so long to reply but my life has been a mess lately. Actually I haven't look any further into this mistery. I have done all my XP installations with an nLite'd XP that is running perfectly. I'm attaching my settings.ini so you can see what I included and what I removed . Those other addons that I did not include...well...they're not essencial to my work. So for now I'm happy with what I have. Cheers Last_Session.ini
  7. I have successfully narrowed it to the following addons from RyanVM site: - Kels_AudioShellExt_addon_v1.1.CAB - Kels_MemTest_addon_v1.cab - Kels_myuninst_addon_v1.33.CAB - MrsP_PowerOff_Addon_v3.0.1.3.cab - MrsP_Rainlendar_Addon_v0.22.1.cab - MrsP_uTorrent_Addon_v1.5.437-QL.cab - shxZacam_AttributeChanger-v5.23_addon.cab - Siginet_Codecs_OpenSourceMpeg_Decoder_Splitter1.0.0.1_Addons_Beta1.1.cab - Xable_Foxit-v2.0_addon.cab Please note that I chose NOT to install these on a random choice. Some of these addons are quite young and some of these addons are quite old. One thing's for sure: I have f
  8. Hi nuhi , I think I get the picture but I only open nLite when I have everything set to start building a new UACD. And for the record, I think this has something to do with RVM addons or RVMIntegrator. I am currently installing a new UACD on a VMWare that I built ONLY using nLite. No RVMIntegrator used this time. I'll let you know when I'm done. @all, For those having this problem: do you install RVM addons or use the RVMIntegrator? Cheers UPDATE: just finished installing that UACD and the problem is back. Which means that RVMUpdate 2.0.4, RVM Integrator 1.2.2 and nLite 1.0rc7 don't have any p
  9. Hold on a minute! I just did another trial with the same settings as before but this time I didn't apply RVMUpdate 2.0.4 or any of the add-ons AND I didn't add my SIS SATA drivers. This time around the nLite'ed XP does not show any signs of framedyn.dll/srclient.dll being missing at all. Everything is working as it should! Now, I'm going to use the same settings.ini and I'm going to add my SATA drivers and I'll test it with VMWare. If it works, I'll make another nLite'ed XP based on the same settings.ini and this time I'll add RVMUpdate 2.0.4 with nLite and not with RVMIntegrator -> For now
  10. @nuhi, As always, thank you very much for giving us nLite. Great piece of software . Too bad it needs DotNet... But there's already so many tools out there nowadays that need DotNet that anyway it's starting to become "a must have" in every PC. @userus I'm sorry buddy but I'm affraid I didn't understand a word of what you were saying . Maybe you could write it in your native language and we could use babelfish to translate it. How about that? I'm saying this because I get the feeling that you are closer to giving a good tip to nuhi than anybody else here. And I would really like to get rid of
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