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  1. nuhi i forgot to add that with this whole setup i had intergrated ryan's hotfixes but for some reason they didn't work. after windows started up i went to windows update and all of the post sp2 fixes needed to be applied. i went to his site and checked out his faq and came across a faq question about framedyn.dll but it only applies to manual installs. It says to edit some files but i intergrated them through nlite. I emailed him and asked him how to probperly intergrate them and i did what he said was the proper procedure. Maybe this can shed some more light onto this problem.
  2. Thanks for your reply nuhi. I did do a cd install. No manual install. I personally don't like manual installs. There were also some strange things that i found out and will explain. In the start menu at the top where ie and outlook reside, usually it says Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. But it doesn't say that. It says Internet and Mail but next to internet the ie icon isn't there. But when you click on it brings up ie options and not ie. The only way i was able to acess ie was clicking on Windows update and then ie launched. When I go into device manager my video card wasn't recognized, but i inserted my own drivers. Got the 71.20's from guru3d but they didn't get installed. I uncheck videocard drives and old videocard drivers from the drop down list. I will let you know if there are more problems. untitled.bmp
  3. I just made a nlite cd and ran into some problems. When windows started after the intro {What i mean by "after intro" is after windows ask you for your username and other stuff} I got an error. "This application has failed to start because framedyn.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” So i hit ok. Then i get another error. "Srclient.dll was not found". So i came here and search the forums for both dll files. I didn't find anything. So i ran a search in google and it brought me to this microsoft page. Here. So i did what is said and no luck. I know i can pop in the sp1 cd in and copy over the files but i was wondering if there is more to this than what is on the surface. There is more things that are wrong with it but it would be a long post. I will include the settings.ini to see if someone can tell me what i did wrong. settings.ini
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