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  1. atm i think : shoud i test it with xp installation ? when iam testing i do it in virtualbox so i thik i test it...hope it works.. btw wondim you have an pm with tips from me *edit* with xp dosnt work.. you can create the vhd & wim.. but dvd says : image not found
  2. Speed Up PC

  3. Vista 64bit

    the msstyles works at both platforms only the dlls dosnt
  4. i have the bug on 7048 too on 7000 i had it too...hope ms fix it in RC
  5. Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0

    when it gives that i woud be great man can someone make this ?
  6. vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite

    can i delte manualy Support and Upgrade folder ? when i can not delete upgrade, can i delete support ? need help;) thx
  7. vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite

    i will test it now i test it on RTM (6000) i hope it works i make an recompress of image (wim)
  8. can anyone mod this out of the setup ? then he can make an switchless-installer
  9. ok test it now *edit* same problem. i think it cant varidate when internetconnection isnt runing so no chance
  10. no problem say when you have an new version, then i will test
  11. i will make an addon for Nlite and test the integration then i report here if it works *edit* it dosnt work. not as nlite pack, not as standalone switchless installer i think the problem is the varidation (WGA s***) of the package, that can not run when the pack is switchless, and then it dosnt install
  12. [Release] Custom setup.exe's

    you can download it here Download
  13. Change Screen in Install Startup

    this is not a new setup its an mod of the windows longhorn setup.exe of an old build
  14. Change Screen in Install Startup

    i have modded my setup.exe (the org file) it looks so :
  15. Office 12/2007

    you have the parameter to start the setup with the created msp ??? i dont now it